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Decision VI/8c concerning Belarus

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the Secretariat
Decision VI/8c of the Meeting of the Parties on compliance by Belarus with its obligations under the Convention (ECE/MP.PP/2017/2/ADD.1) ENG FRE RUSAdopted by the Meeting of the Parties at its 6th session14.09.2017
Statement delivered at the open session at the Committee's 60th meetingFrom the communicant of communication ACCC/C/2014/10213.03.2018
Letter providing information related to para. 7 of decision VI/8c ENG RUSFrom the communicant of communication ACCC/C/2014/10221.03.2018
Clarification requestFrom the secretariat21.03.2018
Reply to clarification requestFrom the communicant of communication ACCC/C/2014/10227.03.2018
Email to the Party concerned forwarding the communicant's letter of 21.03.2018 and requesting its commentsFrom the secretariat28.03.2018
Statement on measures taken to implement the Decision ENG RUSFrom the Party concerned02.04.2018 (dated 30.03.2018)
Comments on the communicant's letter of 21.03.2018 RUS ENGFrom the Party concerned03.05.2018 (dated 27.04.2018)