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ACCC/C/2013/107 Ireland

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
CommunicationFrom the communicant11.11.2013

Summary of communication

Annex 1

Annex 2 - Planning application

2a Letter enclosing applications 399 and 400

2b Application form 399

2c Written application 399

2d Application form 400

2e Written application 400

Annex 3 - Planning permission

3a Notice of permission 399

3b Notice of permission 400

3c Notice of permission 581

Annex 4

Annex 5 - Enforcement and Retention Application

5a Enforcement notice

5b Site notice

Annex 6 - Photographs

6a Index of photos

6b Photo 0375

6c Photo 0388

6d Photo 0407

From the communicant17.02.2014
Letter to communicantFrom the secretariat21.11.2014

Reply to Committee's questions
Annex 1

Annex 2

From the communicant19.12.2014 (dated 14.12.2014)
Comments on preliminary admissibilityFrom the Party concerned27.03.2015
Comments on preliminary admissibilityFrom the communicant27.03.2015
Email to inform parties that communication determined to be preliminarily admissibleFrom the secretariat09.04.2015
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat29.06.2015
Covering email enclosing response to communication
Annex 1 : Planning applications
Annex 2 : Planning and Development Act
From the Party concerned27.11.2015
Comments on the Party concerned's responseFrom the communicant14.12.2015
Opening statement for hearing at Committee's 52nd meetingFrom the Party concerned09.03.2016

Cover letter

Annex 1: S.50B of the Irish Planning and Development Act 2000

Annex 2: Environment and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2011 Ireland

Briefing note on access to justice in Ireland

From observer, Environmental Pillar13.09.2016
Letter to the parties enclosing questions from the CommitteeFrom the secretariat28.10.2016

Reply to questions

Annex: Bill of costs issued by High Court, 01.02.2013

From the communicant18.11.2016

Reply to questions

Annex 1: Map

Annex 2: Satellite image

From the Party concerned18.11.2016

Comments on communicant's reply to questions

Annex 1a: 1998 public notice, picture 1
Annex 1b: 1998 public notice picture 2
Annex 2: 1998 site notice
Annex 3a: 2004 public notice 1, picture 1
Annex 3b: 2004 public notice 1, picture 2
Annex 4a: 2004 public notice 2, picture 1
Annex 4b: 2004 public notice 2, picture 2
Annex 4c: 2004 public notice 2, picture 3
Annex 5: 2004 site notice
Annex 6a: 2010 public notice, picture 1
Annex 6b: 2010 public notice, picture 2
Annex 7: 2010 site notice

From the Party concerned28.11.2016
Comments on Party concerned's reply to questionsFrom the communicant28.11.2016
Comments on communicant's and Party concerned's replies to questionsFrom observer (Environmental Pillar)28.11.2016

Further comments

Annex 1: Access to information request, 08.04.2013
Annex 2: Access to information request, 10.05.2013

From the communicant01.12.2016
Email to Party concerned seeking clarification of which information it considers should be redactedFrom the secretariat20.02.2017
Reply to clarification request on redaction of informationFrom the Party concerned10.03.2017
Comments on the reply from the Party concerned regarding the redaction of informationFrom the communicant08.06.2017 (dated 06.06.2017)
Update on developmentsFrom the communicant01.12.2017 (dated 28.11.2017)
Request to the Party concerned for information From the secretariat08.11.2018
Reply to the Committee's request for information
Annex 1: Section 42 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as it will be after section 28(1) Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016 has been commenced
Annex 2: Friends of the Irish Environment v. Fingal County Council
Annex 3: Merriman v. Fingal County Council
From the Party concerned27.11.2018
Request from Committee for brief clarification regarding relevant legal frameworkFrom the secretariat15.05.2019
Reply to Committee's request for clarificationFrom the communicant29.05.2019
Reply to Committee's request for clarificationFrom the Party concerned31.05.2019
Draft findings and letters to the Party concerned and communicant inviting their commentsFrom the secretariat03.07.2019
Comments on the draft findingsFrom the Party concerned14.08.2019
Comments on the draft findingsFrom the communicant14.08.2019
Comments on the draft findingsFrom observer (Irish Environmental Network)14.08.2019
Findings ENG FRE RUS19.08.2019