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Sixth Joint Session of the EMEP Steering Body and the Working Group on Effects

14 - 18 September 2020

Virtual meeting

A virtual meeting to be held from 14 to 18 September 2020.

Dear Participants,

The updated (shortened) agenda and the organization of work (time schedule) will be developed during July 2020. The 6th joint session is expected to begin in the afternoon of 14 September and end at lunch time on 18 September 2020.

Participants are encouraged to register online with registration code 38896.

Official documentsENFRRU
Annotated provisional agenda for the sixth joint session
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2020/1−ECE/EB.AIR/WG1/2020/1 (Advance version)
Measurements and modelling
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2020/4−ECE/EB.AIR/WG1/2020/15 (Advance version)
Integrated assessment modelling
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2020/5−ECE/EB.AIR/WG1/2020/16 (Advance version)
Emission inventories and projections
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2020/6−ECE/EB.AIR/WG1/2020/17 (Advance version)
Present state of emission data, review process and data for modellers
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2020/7– ECE/EB.AIR/WG.1/2020/18 (Advance version)
Hemispheric transport of air pollution
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2020/8–ECE/EB.AIR/WG.1/2020/19 (Advance version)
Review of adjustment applications
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2020/10–ECE/EB.AIR/WG.1/2020/21 (Advance version)

Effects of air pollution on materials
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2020/13–ECE/EB.AIR/WG.1/2020/6 (Advance version)