Launch of the National Policy Dialogue (NPD): 2013

NPD Chair: Ministry of Agriculture

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UNECE: 2017 (in English and Russian)

Current priority areas:

  • Strengthening bilateral cooperation with the Russian Federation on the use of transboundary rivers Ural, Kigac (in Volga delta), Small and Big Uzen
  • Support to the accession to the UNECE-WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health and setting of national water and health targets
  • Support to activities of the International Water Assessment Centre (IWAC), established under the Water Convention in Astana in 2017

Key achievements:

  • Following the request by the Government of Kazakhstan, and preparatory work in 2012, the NPD on IWRM was launched in June 2013.
  • Both the OECD and UNECE provided comments on Kazakhstan’s draft State Programme for Water Management to 2040. The programme was adopted in April 2014. It provides a set of targets and priority activities, some of which will be supported through the NPD process.
  • In October 2015, the Kazakh-Russian bilateral committee on transboundary waters decided to launch a joint assessment on the Ural river and Kigac tributary of the Volga river. Joint background studies and fieldworks have been conducted and bilateral agreements drafted jointly by Kazakh and Russian experts.
  • In 2016-2017 trainings were organised for representatives of all basin administrations and a set of recommendations were developed for reforms in the basin system.
  • In 2015-2018, an EU-funded project “Supporting Kazakhstan’s transition to a Green Economy model” was successfully implemented jointly with UNDP Kazakhstan to assist in the water sector reforms.

Documents and publications

National Policy Dialogue in Kazakhstan. Overview of activities in 2013-2017/
Национальный Диалог по Водной Политике в Казахстане. Обзор деятельности по НДВП за 2013-2017 гг.