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At UNECE we develop global agricultural quality standards to facilitate international trade. The standards encourage high-quality production, improve profitability and protect consumer interests. UNECE standards are used internationally by Governments, producers, traders, importers, exporters and international organizations.

They cover a wide spectrum of agricultural products: fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV), dry and dried produce (DDP), seed potatoes, meat, cut flowers, eggs and egg products.

You can download the standards cost free from this website and use them free of charge.

You can also find here information on the meetings and other activities of the UNECE’s expert groups that develop these standards, namely the Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards and its four specialized sections - on fresh fruit and vegetables, dry and dried produce, seed potatoes and meat.

All interested parties can take part in developing UNECE standards. We welcome experts from producer, trade and consumer associations, as members of national delegations.

Persons to contact for further information:

Serguei Malanitchev Liliana Annovazzi-Jakab Alissa Mayor
Working Party
Fruit and vegetables
Seed potatoes
Dry and dried produce
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