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ACCC/C/2013/81 Sweden

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Datasheet ACCC/C/2013/81Latest datasheet on the status of the communication25.04.2013
Determination on admissibilityAt CC-4028.03.2013

Communication (Swedish) (ENG)

From the communicant14.02.2013
Letter to the Party concerned forwarding the communicationFrom the secretariat26.04.2013
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat26.04.2013
Reply to Committee's questionsFrom the communicant24.09.2013
Response to the communicationFrom the Party concerned26.09.2013
Comments on the Party concerned's responseFrom the communicant12.10.2013


Annex 1: Letter to the European Commission

Annex 2: Letter from the European Commission (in Swedish)

From the communicant08.03.2014
Letter to the PartiesFrom the secretariat12.03.2014
Email in response to questions from CommitteeFrom the Party concerned20.03.2014
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat27.06.2014
Letter from the communicantFrom the communicant28.06.2014
Letter from the communicantFrom the communicant18.09.2014
Email from the communicantFrom the communicant25.09.2014
Comments from the Party concernedFrom the Party concerned10.12.2014
Letter from the communicant
Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 4
Annex 5
Annex 6
Annex 7
Annex 8
Annex 9
Annex 10
From the communicant10.12.2014
Additional informationFrom the communicant16.12.2014
Additional informationFrom the communicant13.02.2015
Letter to the Party concernedFrom the secretariat12.02.2015
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat12.02.2015
Update from the Party concernedFrom the Party concerned17.03.2015
Svea Court of Appeal judgement of  9 March 2015 SWEFrom the communicant09.03.2015
EmailFrom the Party concerned18.03.2015
EmailFrom the communicant19.03.2015
Covering email enclosing the map indicating the intended location of the proposed wind turbinesFrom the Party concerned23.03.2015
Covering email enclosing comments on Party concerned's response to communication of 26.09.2013From the communicant24.03.2015
Party concerned's opening statement at CC-48From the Party concerned26.03.2015
Communicant's opening statement at CC-48From the communicant26.03.2015
Additional informationFrom the communicant06.04.2015
Questions from the Compliance CommitteeFrom the secretariat29.04.2015
Email enclosing response to Compliance Committee's questionsFrom the Party concerned22.05.2015
Response to Compliance Committee's questions
Annex1: FLIS certificate
From the communicant22.05.2015
Comments on Party concerned's letter of 21 May 2015From the communicant26.05.2015
Additional commentsFrom the communicant29.05.2015
Covering email enclosing: 
Attachment 1:  Letters from the Municipality of Strängnäs ENG
Attachment 2:  Information sent on 31 March 2009  by the Municipality of Strängnäs to the concerned parties SWE
Attachment 3:  Information sent on 14 April 2009 by the Municipality of Strängnäs to the communicant SWE
From the Party concerned02.06.2015
Email attaching decision of the Parliamentary Ombudsman of 11 March 2009 SWE ENG  From the Party concerned03.06.2015
Land and Environment Court Judgement dated 15 May 2014 ENG
Svea Court of Appeal Judgement dated 9 March 2015 SWE ENG
From the Party concerned12.06.2015
Comments on communicant's letter of 13,25 and 29 May 2015From the Party concerned15.06.2015
Additional commentsFrom the communicant15.06.2015
Letter to the parties after the 49th meetingFrom the secretariat13.08.2015
EmailFrom the communicant14.08.2015
EmailFrom the Party concerned21.08.2015
Email 1 of 4From the communicant28.08.2015

Email 2 of 4: Communicant's evidence of appealing in own name
Annexes 1-5 SWE

From the communicant28.08.2015
Email 3 of 4: Communicant's evidence showing correct handling of case
Annexes 1-9 SWE

From the communicant28.08.2015
Email 4 of 4
Annex: Summary of communicant's response to Committee's questions
From the communicant28.08.2015
Email to the Party concernedFrom the secretariat31.08.2015
Email enclosing highlighted decision of the Nacka District Court Land and Environment Court, judgment of 15 May 2014, case P129-12 From the communicant01.09.2015
Comments on Committee's questionsFrom the Party concerned03.09.2015
Additional information
Annex 1 Decision of County Admin Board_15.12.2011
Annex 2 Decision of County Administrative Board_04.01.2012
Annex 3 Decision of County Administrative Board_23.03.2012
Annex 4 Decision of Nacka Land and Environment Court_15.05.2014
Annex 5 Decision of Svea Environment Court_09.03.2015
From the communicant07.09.2015
CommentsFrom the Party concerned14.09.2015
Email to the Party concerned
Annex I: Court decisions for translation
From the secretariat23.09.2015
Email enclosing:
Annex 1: Judgment by Nacka District Court in case P129-12 dated 15.05.2014 (excerpts) ENG
Annex 2: Decision by County Administrative Board of Södermanland dated 15.12.2011 (excerpts) ENG
From the Party concerned05.10.2015
Question to Party concernedFrom the secretariat05.11.2015
Response to the questionsFrom the Party concerned01.12.2015
Draft findings and letters to the Party concerned and communicant inviting their commentsFrom the secretariat29.06.2016
Comments on the draft findingsFrom the communicant09.08.2016
Comments on the draft findingsFrom the Party concerned17.08.2016
Letter to the parties enclosing the Committee's findings (advance unedited version)From the secretariat18.11.2016
Findings (official version ENG FRE RUS)