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Road and Rail Financing Conference

Road and Rail Financing Conference

Palais des Nations, Geneva - 25 February 2013


The conference pre-ITC Road and Rail Finance Conference was geared toward senior experts and took detailed stock of the results of the Euro-Asian Transport Linkages (EATL) Project and the progress made towards unified railway law.


Briefing Note

Keynote speeches
PDFEconomic Growth and Future Mobility - Eva Molnar (UNECE Transport Division)
PDFThe EATL Multi-Country Investment Plan - Dimitrios Tsamboulas (Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece)
PDFResults of the study comparing maritime and land transport between Europe and Asia - Konstantinos Alexopoulos (UNECE Rail secretariat)
Rail session presentations
PDF Unified law: dealing with two legal regimes - Cesare Brand (CIT)
PDF New Perspectives for International Rail Transport – Harmonised conditions to facilitate long distance rail traffic - Maria Sack (Unit International Associations European Transport Policy)
PDF Trends and challenges for railways - Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (UIC)
PDF Developing block trains from Asia to Europe - Ibrahim Cevik (TURKISH STATE RAILWAYS)
Road session presentations
PDF Funding Transport with Land Values - Dave Wetzel (International Union for Land Value Tax)
PDF A Review of Revenue Sources for Roads and Highways - Caroline Visser (IRF)
PDF The IRU Model Highway Initiative - Igor Rounov (IRU)
PDF What ITS can bring to the table - Hermann Meyer (ERTICO –ITS Europe)
PDF The perspective of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Operators - Gilbert Konzett (Kapsch TafficCom AG)
PDF The concessionaires’ perspective - Richard Harris (Xerox)
Plenary session presentations
PDF Public and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Funding of Transport Infrastructure – Best practices and common challenges - Dmitry Tvardovskiy (Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation)
PDF Is a transport infrastructure fund the way forward when transport policy favours railways? The case of Switzerland - Peter König (Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland)
PDF Is transport infrastructure fund the way forward? The experience of the Czech Republic - Tomas Cocek (State Fund for Transport Infrastructure)
PDF PPP in Roads and Highways and Financial Assessment of PPP Projects - César Queiroz (Roads and Transport Infrastructure Consultant)
PDF PPP Schemes and Railways - Jonathan Beckitt (CMS)
PDF Experiences with PPP in Rail Projects - Mukul Saran Mathur (Ministry of Railways, New Delhi, India)