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Communicating effectively within and outside the forest sector is essential to promote sustainable forest management. The Section produces press and news releases, hosts the Forest Information Billboard, shares presentations and reports and is present in forest-related events. Follow us on flickr, facebook, twitter and youtube.

The UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Communication - the Forest Communicators' Network - is the major platform for forest communication experts to exchange and find common strategies. Its sub-group on Forest Pedagogics is an European-wide forum.

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Learn to Love Forests!

Did you know that earth has more than 60,000 known tree species? Or that more than 25% of the medicines we use originate in rainforest plants? Or that one third of our biggest cities, including New York, Bogota, Tokyo and Barcelona, get a significant proportion of their high-quality drinking water from protected forests? There is so much to learn about forests and their benefits to society.

This year's celebration of the International Day of Forests will focus on Forests and Education and will see a range of activities organized by the Joint ECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section. Find out more here


The High Level Political Forum in New York 2018 put the spotlight on the role that clothing manufacture and consumer fashion can have for a better planet with a new video, called “Made in Forests.”

At the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) on 10 July 2018, in New York,  10 different UN organizations agreed to establish a UN Alliance on Sustainable Fashion.

The Forest Information Billboards provides quarterly information on forest topics and relevant developments in the UNECE region.

The video “More Heat with Less Wood” was launched during the 38th joint ECE/FAO Working Party

Other Forest Related Events are available at the websites of: FAO, Forest Europe, EFI, UNFF, GFIS

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20 to 22 May 2019
Oslo, Norway

22 to 24 May 2018
Wageningen, Netherlands

30 May to 01 June 2017
Malaga, Spain

20 to 21 December 2016
Vienna, Austria