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Forest Communicators' Network

The UNECE/FAO Forest Communicators' Network (FCN) is mandated by the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFF) and the FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC) with the overall objective to improve the ability of the forest sector to communicate effectively, within and outside the sector on the role of forests in sustainable development, to advise the ECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section and to support communication activities in all Work Areas, through:

  1. Providing a forum for international interaction and cooperation in forest related communications;
  2. Strengthening the ability of the Committee, the Commission and the Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management to reach out to relevant constituencies, within and outside the forest sector, including through cooperation with other Teams of Specialists;
  3. Developing the professionalism of forest communicators by introducing and encouraging state of the art and innovative communication approaches, strengthening networking and supporting capacities in the region.

Participation in the FCN is open to all sharing the concern about its common objectives and tasks.

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