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Working Together for Sustainable and Healthy Transport: Guidance on Supportive Institutional Conditions for Policy Integration of Transport, Health and Environment

This brochure is intended to provide guidance and support to political decision makers in their efforts to ensure more sustainable development by strengthening policy integration among relevant sectors of government and to incorporate stakeholders into the decision-making process.


Symbol No. ECE/AC.21/1
Languages: E;F;R


The Pan-European Programme on Transport, Health and Environment: Assessment and Progress Made

This report assesses the effectiveness of THE PEP in improving communication, cooperation and collaboration among the three sectors (transport, health, and environment) and its impact on the development of intersectoral policies and strategies in Member States with regard to the integration of environmental and health concerns into transport policy. The report also assesses the institutional set-up of THE PEP and its secretariat and makes recommendations for improvement.


Symbol No. ECE/AC.21/2
Languages: E;F;R


Transport, Health and Environment: Trends and developments in the UNECE-WHO European Region (1997-2007)

This report reviews developments and progress in transport, health and environment since 1997. While transportation is an integral part of economic and social development and is essential to the functioning of all societies, the report shows that current patterns of transport and travel are not sustainable with increasing pressures, in particular on urban areas.


Symbol No. ECE/AC.21/3
Languages: E only