UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)


Regional Consultation on MDGs
17 March 2010, Salle VIII
Palais des Nations, Geneva


9h45-10h00 Opening remarks

  • Mr. Jan Kubis, Executive Secretary, UNECE

10h00-11h00Poverty, Employment and Food Security (MDG 1)


  • Panel:                 

Mr. Jens Wandel, Director, RBEC Bratislava Regional Center, UNDP
Ms. Petra Ulshoefer, Regional Director, Office for Europe and Central Asia, ILO
Ms. Maria Kadlecikova, Regional Director, Office for Europe and Central Asia, FAO

  • Interactive Debate                        

11h00-12h00      Education, Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (MDGs 2 & 3)

Moderator: Mr. Raphael Crowe, ILO

  • Panel:                 

Mr. Englebert Ruoss, Director, Regional Office for Science and Culture in Europe,UNESCO
Ms. Zina Mounla, Chief, Europe & the CIS Section, UNIFEM

  •  Interactive Debate                       

12h00-13h00      Health-Related MDGs (MDGs 4,5 & 6)

Moderator: Dr. Olavi Elo, UNAIDS

  • Panel:                 

Mr.Enis Baris, Director, Country Health Systems (DCS), Regional Office for Europe, WHO
Mr. Steven Allen, Regional Director, Office for CEE and CIS,UNICEF
Ms. Thea Fierens, Regional Director, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Office, UNFPA
Mr. Denis Broun, Director, Regional Support Team for Europe and Central Asia, UNAIDS

  • Interactive Debate                        

13h00-15h00      LUNCH BREAK

15h00-16h00      Environmental Sustainability (MDG 7)


  • Panel:                 

Mr. Christophe Bouvier, Regional Director, Office for Europe, UNEP
Mr. Marco Keiner, Director, Environment, Housing and Land Management Division, UNECE
Prof. Martin Beniston, Director, Institut des Sciences de l’Environment, UNIVERSITY OF GENEVA
Mr. Nickolaï Denisov, Coordinator for Europe, ZOÏ ENVIRONMENT NETWORK

  • Interactive Debate                       

16h00-17h00      Global Partnerships (MDG 8)

Moderator: Mr. Patrice Robineau, UNECE

  • Panel:                 

Ms. Brigita Schmögnerova, Vice-President, EBRD
Mr. Bonapas Onguglo, Chief of Office, Division of International Trade in Goods and Services and Commodities (DITC), UNCTAD
Ms. Eva Molnar, Director, Transport Division, UNECE

  • Interactive Debate                        

17h00-18h00      Closing session: Addressing all MDGs jointly: the enabling environment at the national and international levels

Chairperson: Mr. Jan Kubis, Executive Secretary, UNECE

  • Panel:                 

Mr. Heiner Flassbeck, Director, Globalization and Development Strategies, UNCTAD
Ms. Sarah Cook, Director, UNRISD

  • Interactive Debate
  • Closing remarks