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ACCC/C/2011/63 Austria

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Datasheet ACCC/C/2011/63Latest datasheet on the status of the communication06.08.2013
Determination on admissibilityAt CC-3516.12.2011
Communication From the communicant16.12.2011
Annex 1From the communicant16.12.2011
Annex 2From the communicant16.12.2011
Letter to the Party concernedFrom the secretariat22.12.2011
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat01.02.2012
Message regarding admissibilityFrom the Party concerned10.01.2012
Letter regarding admissibilityFrom the communicant19.01.2012
Letter to the parties after CC-36From the secretariat05.04.2012
Response (cover letter) and Annex with recognized NGOsFrom the Party concerned22.05.2012
Invitation to the Party and to the communicant for the discussion at CC-38                    From the secretariat    09.08.2012
Letter to parties after the discussion at CC-38From the secretariat04.10.2012
Reply to the Committee's questions after CC-38,
Annex 1 and Annex 2
From the Party concerned05.11.2012
Comment to the Party's reply and annexFrom the communicant12.11.2012
Comments regarding the issues of C/63 (and C/48)From Oekobuero 11.12.2012
Draft findings and letters to the Party concerned and to the communicantFrom the secretariat18.07.2013
Comments on the draft findings, Annex (Draft with track changes) and Cover letterFrom the Party concerned23.08.2013
Findings (advance unedited version) and letters to the Party concerned and communicantFrom the secretariat29.12.2013
StatementFrom the Party concernedFebruary 2014