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I am sincerely committed to working constructively and inclusively with all stakeholders, to the benefit of all road users, in an effort to generate additional, stronger momentum and ensure the needed support to address the horrific consequences that road crashes continue to have on the lives of so many around the world today.

In my capacity as a Special Envoy I will convey the key messages that will be developed under the auspices of the United Nations and, hopefully, with a contribution from all stakeholders in the road safety community. In this way I wish to contribute to the work of the many highly dedicated practitioners who have relentlessly been working over years to deliver solutions to improve global road safety. I am convinced that a change in the enabling environment is possible, but for this the road safety issue must be brought to the forefront of the development agenda of world leaders.

As a starting point, I welcome that road safety is explicitly reflected in the proposed United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals which are to be agreed at the forthcoming UN General Assembly in September this year. I am committed to working decisively towards ensuring that this target remains in the final document and will spare no efforts to ensure it is achieved.

It will be imperative that the Second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety, which will take place later this year in Brazil, achieves agreement on clear and measurable outcomes. To this end, I am committed to generate strong and unified support by the entire road safety community and all others who are concerned about road safety, to ensure that governments agree on specific measures to tackle this challenge.

My tasks agreed with the Secretary General are to help mobilize sustained political commitment for road safety; to advocate and raise awareness about the United Nations road safety legal instruments; and to support sharing of good practices through participation in relevant global and regional conferences. I have also been asked to generate funding, possibly through a UN Road Safety Fund and the building of strategic partnerships between the public, private, non-governmental sectors and the United Nations.  In the coming months, I will launch a new initiative to meet this goal with the backing of political and business leaders.

I very much look forward to working in a positive and constructive atmosphere together with you in order to jointly confront this global crisis. I believe we need a strong and united road safety coalition to generate and maintain strong momentum both towards reaching the goals of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety and doing so in a sustainable way looking at the horizon of 2030. In this spirit, the world I want is one without road fatalities and injuries and for that we must achieve a drastic reduction of road crashes.

The Special Envoy would welcome input from all stakeholders.  Write to the secretariat to provide your input to his work here.