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Road Safety Seminar in Minsk, Belarus

"Improving Global Road Safety: setting regional and national road traffic reduction targets",
funded by the United Nations Development Account
Programme English PDF(77KB)
Russian   PDF(124KB)
Summary and Photos English PDF(184KB)
Press release English PDF(99KB)
Eva Molnar, Director Transport Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) English PDF(2.38MB)
Virginia Tanase, Economic Affairs Officer, UNECE English PDF(708KB)
Francesco Zambon, World Health Organization English PDF(536KB)
Dmitry Sambuk, FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society English PDF(1.31MB)
Republic of Belarus: Yuri Litvin, Head of Traffic Control Inspection, Division of Public Security and Special Militia Russian PDF(11.42MB)
Republic of Moldova: Viorel Bulimaga, Secretary of Road Traffic Safety, Commission of Road Traffic Police, Department of Ministry of Interior Russian PDF(3.70MB)
  Russian PDF(114KB)
Russian Federation: Vladimir Kurshev, Head of Unit of Road Traffic Safety, Provision Department of Ministry of Interior Russian PDF(89KB)
  Russian PDF(516KB)
Republic of Uzbekistan: Abdusamat Muminov, Deputy Head of Transport Provision Department of Ministry of External Economic Relations, Investment and Trade (document only) Russian PDF(50KB)
Ukraine: Volodymyr Yurchenko, Deputy Minister of Health, Ministry of Health Russian PDF(1.41MB)
Road safety situation and developments under the project in other regions- report by the United Nations Regional Commission
- Aygul Duysenhanova, United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) English PDF(1.97MB)
- Bassam Anani, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA) English PDF(2.89MB)
- Gabriel Perez, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Carribean (UNECLAC) English PDF(796KB)
- Setting and achieving ambitious road safety targets: the OECD “Towards Zero” report: Kate McMahon, member of OECD Expert Group English PDF(245KB)
Case studies of targets setting and road safety strategies
- The case of Great Britain: Kate McMahon English PDF(124KB)
- The case of Western Australia: presented by Kate McMahon English PDF(2.56 MB)
- The case of Poland: Barbara Krol English PDF(2.41MB)
- The case of Spain : Maria del Carmen Giron Tomas English PDF(511KB)
  Russian PDF(967KB)
“Improve road safety– target the main cause effectively”- presentation of conclusions of ETAC study: Jens Huegel (International Road Transport Union-IRU) English PDF(2.01MB)
Data collection: Kathleen Elsig (Global Road Safety Partnership-GRSP), Kate McMahon (Consultant) English PDF(2.27MB)
Cooperation at national and international levels, multi-disciplinarity, public-private partnerships, public consultation and publicity
- Jens Huegel (IRU) English PDF(859KB)
- Virginia Tanase (UNECE) English PDF(708KB)
- Maria del Carmen Giron Tomas (Spain) English PDF(357KB)
Good practice road safety measures
- Reducing the loss from road accidents: John Mumford (International Road Assessment Programme-iRAP) English PDF(3.79MB)
- Implementing the Good practice manuals: Kathleen Elsig (GRSP) English PDF(2.20MB)
  Russian PDF(1.82MB)
- Nathalie Pereira (International Road Federation-IRF) English PDF(835KB)
- Intelligent Transport Systems and Services - a solution to improve road safety: Vincent Blervaque (ERTICO) English PDF(1.47MB)
Developing casualty reduction targets and road safety strategies as part of development solutions
- Road safety: the European Union policy: Jean-Eric Holzapfel (Delegation of the European Commission to Belarus) English PDF(833KB)
- Anatoly Bekeschenko (Commonwealth of Independent States - CIS - Executive Committee) English PDF(76KB)
Conclusions and recommendations of the seminar English PDF(37KB)
Russian PDF(80KB)