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Resolution No. 246

Third Road Safety Week, 1 to 7 May 2000
The Inland Transport Committee,
Conscious that the number of persons injured or killed in road accidents is still intolerably high and that road safety is a human, social and economic problem which has to be addressed in partnership between public administrations, private sector organizations and road users themselves,
Conscious also that in developing and implementing programmes and measures to improve road safety, special attention has to be paid to vulnerable road users, whether children, the elderly, bicyclists, passengers or others,
Noting that the first and second Road Safety Weeks held in 1990 and 1995 helped to raise awareness in ECE member countries of the fact that road safety can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of Governments, national and international public and private organizations, road users and the public in general,
Recalling the decision taken at its fifty-ninth session to organize a third international road safety campaign in the ECE region,
1. Decides to designate 1-7 May 2000 as the third ROAD SAFETY WEEK, during which road safety campaigns aimed at improving the safety of vulnerable road users will be mounted in ECE member States;
2. Invites member Governments to implement road safety programmes in their own countries in support of the ECE Road Safety Week under the common slogan "Partnership on the road increases safety";
3. Recommends in particular that Governments:
(a) Target their national campaigns at the major sources of danger to vulnerable road users, whether specific groups or in general;
(b) Develop, drawing on all possible sources of expertise, national activities to be carried out within the framework of the Road Safety Week which address the most pressing problems for vulnerable road users in their respective countries;
(c) Ensure the participation of all groups concerned in the planning and implementation of national campaigns within the framework of the Road Safety Week;
(d) Make every effort to publicize the third ECE Road Safety Week through the mass media and by creating Internet links between national road safety web sites and the ECE road safety web page which will be created to mark the Road Safety Week;
(e) Share their experiences and ideas regarding the organization of the third Road Safety Week with other ECE member Governments through the Inland Transport Committee and its relevant subsidiary bodies i.e. the Working Party on Road Transport and the Working Party on Road Traffic Safety, thereby maximizing the potential benefits for all;
4. Invites relevant international organizations to provide support and advice to ECE in the organization of the Road Safety Week;
5. Requests the Working Party on Road Traffic Safety to prepare a programme defining the objectives and modalities for the third Road Safety Week, paying particular attention to activities to be undertaken at the national, regional and international levels;
6. Requests the Economic Commission for Europe and its secretariat to provide all necessary support and publicity to the preparation, execution and follow-up to the Road Safety Week