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Launching of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, Belgrade Conference

Belgrade, 27-29 April 2011

Final Programme  EnglishPDF
Flyer   English PDF
Conclusions and recommendations English PDF
Opening Statements from Mr. Jan Kubis, Executive Secretary, UNECE
  English PDF
Launching of the decade of action (2011-20) in the UNECE region (Nikolay Asaul Deputy Minister of Transport) English PDF
Road Safety (Evgeny Poluden, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus) English ZIP
Launching the 2011-2020 Decade of Action for Road Safety in the UNECE Region (Spyros Vougias Vice Minister of  Infrastructure, Transport and Networks) English PDF

Film on Road Safety presented at the 64th UNECE Commission session

Presentations - Policies and initiatives that work
ROAD SAFETY: the European Union Policy (Jose Fernandez Garicia) English PDF
Анализа стања безбедности саобраћаја у Републици Србији  Analysis of toad traffic safety in the Republic of Serbia (Dragoslav Kukic and Slobodan Malesic) English PDF
Road Safety in Turkey (Yilmaz KILAVUZ) English ZIP
Vision Zero – driving force for change. (Björn Stafbom) English PDF
Setting all together leading milestones along safer roads (Luciana Iorio) English PDF
The Decade of Action in Austria 2011-2020 (Jennifer Bogner) English PDF
Road Safety and political WILL (Poghos  Shahinyan) English PDF
Nacionalni program sigurnosti cestovnog prometa od 2011. do 2020 godine (Boris Orlovic) English PDF
Road traffic safety in turkey (Yüksel ÇELİK) English PDF
Presentations - The role of a lead safety agency
Managing  and Coordinating Road Safety International experience   (Alan Ross) English PDF
Presentations - Improving road safety
(a) Road safety management and implementation capacity
Working in partnership to make safe decade in Georgia (Gela Kvashilava) English PDF
Obstacles and opportunities for improving road safety (Joop Goos) English PDF
Launching the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 – 2020 in the UNECE Region (Kathleen Elsig) English PDF
Road safety management  and implementation capacity (Jens Hugel) English PDF
International level crossing awareness day (Isabelle Fonverne) English PDF
(b) Safer roads and vehicles
Launch of the Decade of Action (2011 – 2020) for Road Safety in the UNECE Region (Sibylle Rupprecht) English PDF
Active & passive  safety systems  on Hyundai vehicles; Development & strategy (Miodrag Stojanovic) English PDF
ITS for safer roads and vehicles (Vincent Blervaque) English PDF
(c) Road user behaviour
Cultural Differences and Traffic  Safety. (Michael Cale) English PDF
Improving children safety in traffic - case study from belgrade (Krsto Lipovac)   English PDF
Scouting and Road Safety (Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona) English PDF
Changing road user behaviour in local communities (Tony Bowis) English PDF
A Contribution to "Obstacles and opportunities for improving road traffic safety" (Rolf Strassfeld, presentation) English PDF
A Contribution to "Obstacles and opportunities for improving road traffic safety" (Rolf Strassfeld, speech) English PDF
Traffic enforcement, get it right, make it safe (Philip J. Wijers) English PDF
ZNANJE  ČINI RAZLIKU !!!  Knowledge makes a difference (Bozo Ilic) English PDF

Background Documents

(ILCAD) Safe level crossing (video)

(Hyundai) Impact safety system (video)

(Hyundai) Breaking system (video)

UN Administrative instruction on Road and driving safety  EnglishPDF
Major UNECE agreements on road safety EnglishPDF 
Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on Improving global road safety EnglishPDF
(European Commission) Towards a European road safety area: policy orientations on road safety 2011-2020 EnglishPDF

Consolidated resolution on road traffic (R.E.1)

Consolidated resolution on road signs and signals (R.E.2)

Improving Global Road Safety: Setting Regional and National Road Traffic Casualty Reduction Targets Report and Recommendations EnglishPDF  
Convention on Road Signs and Signals of 1968, European Agreement Supplementing the Convention and Protocol on Road Markings Additional to the European Agreement (2006 consolidated versions) EnglishPublication to order
Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020
English PDF

Practical informations
Information for participants 
Registration Form EnglishPDF


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