Inland Water Transport

Inland water transport is a viable alternative or addition to road and rail transport on European corridors. Though environmentally-friendly and, frequently, the most economical mode of inland transport, it remains largely under-exploited in Europe. By enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of inland water transport, the UNECE Agreements and resolutions establish a comprehensive normative framework for the key aspects of inland navigation. Flyer in: English / French / Russian.


Inland Waterways in the UNECE region

Where to navigate? The network of inland waterways in Europe and its parameters

How to navigate? The rules of inland navigation in Europe

Who can navigate? The technical parameters for inland vessels and requirements for crews


5 October 2017

The latest “Blue Book” provides up to date information on European inland waterway network (press release in English, French and Russian).

15 June 2017

The third revised edition of the Blue Book is now available in English, French and Russian.

22 December 2016

A half-day High-Level Meeting on Inland Water Transport took place on 22 February. Ministers of countries with major navigable inland waterways from the UNECE region and beyond, regional integration organizations, river commissions and other key stakeholders shared their vision for the future development of Inland Water Transport. See the programme.