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Competent authorities for the transport of dangerous goods



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Air transport, see information here

Sea transport, see information here

Inland transport:

Countries A-D

Albania                          Andorra                        Argentina

Australia                        Austria                          Azerbaijan

Belarus                          Belgium                        Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brazil                              Bulgaria                        Canada

China                             Costa Rica                     Croatia

Cyprus                           Czech Republic            Denmark

Countries E-N

Estonia                                Finland                                  France

Georgia                               Germany                              Greece

Hungary                              Iceland                                  Ireland     

Italy                                      Kazakhstan                          Latvia     

Liechtenstein                     Lithuania                              Luxembourg

Malta                                   Moldova                               Montenegro

Morocco                             Netherlands                         Norway    

Countries O-Z

Peru                                   Poland                                      Portugal

Romania                           Russian Federation                San Marino

Serbia                                Slovakia                                     Slovenia     

Spain                                 Sweden 

Switzerland                      Tajikistan

Thailand                            The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Tunisia                               Turkey                                       Ukraine

United Kingdom              United States     

Country identification (in approval marks)

According to Chapters 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 and 6.8, certain marks on packagings, including IBCs and large packagings, pressure receptacles, portable tanks and bulk containers should indicate the State authorizing the allocation of the mark or the State of approval by the distinguishing sign of the State of registration used on motor vehicles and trailers in international road traffic, e.g. in accordance with the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic of 1949 or the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of 1968.

The signs notified to the Secretary-General of the United Nations in relation to these conventions may be found here

Governments that exceptionally use a different sign should inform the secretariat accordingly.

Exceptions notified to the secretariat:

Canada: CA  (instead of CDN).