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Global Road Safety Film Awards

First UN Global Road Safety Week (23 - 29 April 2007)

                                                                                       World Youth Assembly

A ceremony to grant awards to the finalists of a short film competition took place during the World Youth Assembly. The competition was co-organized by LASER EUROPE and la Prévention Routière Internationale, and was one of the key global activities of the First UN Global Road Safety Week. The competition sought to recognize the contributions of young people from around the world who have created useful and compelling films on road safety. Awardees were selected by an international jury in three categories: campaigns, education and driver training. The short-listed films were presented to the Assembly and finalists were invited to receive their awards.





                                          Representative of the Australian winners

Winning Films

Grand price: The videos produced by the Australian Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Summary: Set on a park bench with two mates, one mate queries the other about the strength of their mateship. Unexpected twist at the end!
Year made: 2003 - Nationality: Australian - Duration: 120 sec - Producer/Director/Scriptwriter: Thomas Kinsman

Summary: Set in an emergency ward of a hospital, one youth is wheeled in on a stretcheras his mate follows with. The hospital staff work busily on the youth as he is chatting away talking to his mate and the doctors. The film addresses passengers and mateship.
Year made: 2005 - Nationality: Australian - Duration: 120 sec - Producer/Director/Scriptwriter: Chris Kamen

Summary: A satirical look at the driving licence test with the instructor questioning the learner driver about how he wants to kill his best mate. This film explores the dangers for newly licensed drivers with humour and satire.
Year made: 2004 - Nationality: Australian - Duration: 120 sec - Producer/Director/Scriptwriter: Prateek Bandopadhayay

Educational Category

Summary: Incorrect driving is dangerous on pedestrian crossings.
Year made: 2007 - Nationality: Estonian - Duration: 1.4 minutes - Scriptwriters: Kristin Raudla,Alo Korju, Mihkel Treimann, Rainer Malin

“ quand Ça dÉborde ”
Résumé  : Multifactorialités de l’accident mis en scène par des jeunes pendant leur formation intitulée «Le permis de conduire : une clé pour l’emploi et la citoyenneté».
Année de réalisation : 2007 - Nationalité : Française - Durée : 5 minutes - Producteur : Odile Troestler

Communication Category

Year made : 2006/2007 - Nationality: Holland - Duration: 1 minute- Producer/Scriptwriter: Janet den Buach

Summary: Prevention of drink driving.
Year made : 2006 - Nationality: Russian Federation - Duration: 28 sec - Producer/Director: Anton Bondarenko – Scriptwriter: Alexey Pogodaev