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ForFITS workshops - Thailand - Technical

ForFITS technical workshops - Thailand (Bangkok, 23-24 September 2013)



Martine-Sophie Fouvez (UNECE) - Background of the UNDA project on measurement and mitigation of transport sector emissions

Madan Bandhu Regmi (ESCAP) - UNDA Project on development and implementation of a monitoring and assessment tool for CO2 emission in inland transport to facilitate climate change mitigation

Malee Uapharadorn (Chief of Sustainable Transport Promotion Group, Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) of Thailand) - Inland Transport CO2 Emissions- situation and status in Thailand

Training material

Model overview

Explanation of the views (Vensim)

Input interface (Excel) and application to Thailand pilot case


Excel input files - Thailand pilot selected

A - Reference development until 2040 (economic and population growth as projected in literature, constant oil prices an fuel taxation, no change in the vehicle technology share, while there is a generalized improvement of the technological characteristics of each powertrain)

D - Changes due to the introduction of advanced vehicle technologies (electric scooters, hybrids and plug-in light vehicles, hybrid buses, dual-fuel medium and heavy duty vehicles, electric trains)