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Live demonstration during WP.30 meeting in Geneva

On 6 February 2013 the Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30) hosted a live demonstration to test, whether or not, a new  design for trucks with sliding sheets and roofs is Customs secure. The test,  performed by Danish expert Bent Rasmussen, showed that the new sliding  roofs are indeed secure, and it showed also that some technical changes have to be made to the sliding sheets, as the expert was able to breach them and put his hand through the sheets.

WP.30 decided to further work on the current proposal to be added to the TIR handbook integrating the WP.30 experts knowledge as well as the findings of the live demonstration.

With the new design principles WP.30 aims at high security standards for the vehicle itself and the fight against illegal smuggling at borders.

If you do have further questions on the issue, please contact us.

Photos of the event