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Symposium on the Future Networked Car

5 March 2015

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are jointly organizing a symposium on the Future Networked Car on March 5, 2015 in conjunction with the Geneva Motor Show. The symposium will bring together leading experts from the automotive industry and regulatory bodies to discuss the latest developments in Intelligent Transport Systems and automated driving, focusing on the state of the art technologies that enable the integration of information technology in vehicles.


The FutureNetworkedCarITU-UNECE Symposium
Ms.Eva MolnarPDF
Mr.Orvar HurtigPDF
The European Association of Automotive Suppliers
Mr.Paul SchockmelPDF
ITS from a legislative perspective
Mr.Peter StriekwoldPDF
The Pathway to Driverless Cars
Mr.Duncan KayPDF
The FIA’s involvement in Connected Vehicles
Mr.Marcin BudkowskiPDF
The Intelligent Automated Vehicle: the Last IoT Node
Mr.Jürgen WeyerPDF
Communications security for connected vehicles
Mr.Yoram BerholtzPDF
Security issues related to the future Networked Car
Mr.Koji NakaoPDF
Maps and Location Referencing - Status and Outlook
Mr.Ogi RedzicPDF
Location referencing and maps
Mr.Andrew NashPDF
Security for connected vehicle: successes and challenges
Mr.William WhytePDF
Connected Drivers & Real-Time Maps
Mr.Stephen T’SiobbelPDF
Telematics Future and Legislation
Mr.Gilles MabirePDF
Speech communication requirements for emergency calls originating from vehicles 
Mr.Hans GierlichPDF
In-Vehicle Emergency Call Systems: From National Deployment to International Harmonization
Mr.Evgeni MeilikhovPDF
Harmonized regulatory framework on Accident Emergency Call System
Mr.Edoardo GianottiPDF