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UN/LOCODE Conference

24 April 2015

Room XXIII, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

UNECE Trade Facilitation Recommendation No. 16 specifies UN/LOCODE (Code for Trade and Transport Locations), which has been used widely for international trade. Since 8000 entries in the first issue in 1981, UN/LOCODE includes around 100,000 entries in the latest release, with a dramatic increase, covering 249 countries, dependent territories and special areas.

The UN/LOCODE Conference will be held as a side event of 25th UN/CEFACT Forum on 24 April 2015. It will bring together stakeholders of UN/LOCODE, including representatives from UN/LOCODE User Community, public sectors, and international organizations to identify situation, to gather business needs and to discuss how to improve UN/LOCODE.  The insights, analysis and disposition presented in this conference will provide a critical cornerstone for the decision on the way-forward of UN/LOCODE and will further the process to improve UN/LOCODE.

• Drawing Member States' attention on the issue of UN/LOCODE maintenance;
• Seeking more support by having a nominated focal point per country; and
• Brainstorming on how to improve UN/LOCODE.

Draft agenda
The morning session could look into scientific, technical issues, and the afternoon session could be more dedicated to practical issues. Accordingly, the draft agenda could include:
• Presentation made by the Secretariat ;
• Reporting of UN/LOCODE Survey result;
• Keynote speakers from UN/CEFACT, international organizations and Users Community;
• Workshop for participants who play a role of Focal Point; and
• Brainstorming

Expected Outcomes
• Revision of UNECE Recommendation No. 16.
• ToRs of  Focal Point for approval
• Fundraising on reengineering UN/LOCODE ICT systems
• To address issues of  coding conflicts , such as with IATA

Please download the agenda.





Ms. Yan Zhang
Trade Facilitation Section

Ms. Amélia Delle Foglie
Programme Assistant
Contact e-mail:  Forum.Registration@unece.org