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68th plenary session of the Conference of European Statisticians

22 - 24 June 2020


The 68th CES plenary session was held as a hybrid meeting on 22 June and as an informal virtual meeting on 23-24 June.

CES photo gallery

Audio recording of 22 June         Chats from Day 1       

Video recording of 23 June         Chats from Day 2

Video recording of 24 June         Chats from Day 3


Document Title
 Corrigendum to the annotated provisional agenda ENG FRE RUS
 Revised provisional annotated agenda for hybrid meeting ENG FRE RUS
 Revised Timetable including numbers of documents for agenda items ENG -- RUS
 Report of the 68th plenary session ENG FRE RUS
 Addendum - Chair's summary of discussion and conclusions ENG -- --
 Impacts of globalisation and digitalization on the future of economic statistics
 Speech by Mr. Elliott Harris, ASG for Economic Development and Chief Economist, UN ENG ----
22  Globalisation and the fall in productivity growth (Poland) ENG FRERUS
23  Globalisation and the future of economic statistics - session outline and guiding questions (Canada, Finland and Norway) ENG ----PPT
24  Responding to the impact of globalisation on Ireland's macroeconomic statistics (Ireland) ENG ----
25  Statistical products of INEGI as a contribution for the analysis of globalization based on business statistics and microdata linkage (Mexico) ENG ----
 Measuring the digital transformation
 3   Initiatives of international organizations on conceptual and measurement issues (Eurostat, IMF and OECD) ENG FRERUS
 Better measuring digitalization (Eurostat) PPT
 Measuring the digital transformation (OECD) PPT
 New Conference of European Statisticians guidelines and recommendations
 Summaries of all electronic consultations (UNECE) PPT
2  Exchange and sharing of economic data ENG FRERUS
 Guide to Sharing Economic Data revised after consultation ENG ----
2/Add.1  Results of the consultation on the Guide to sharing economic data ENG ----
4  Updated Set of Core climate change-related statistics and indicators ENG FRERUS
4/Add.1   Summary of comments from the consultation on the Updated Set of Core Climate Change-related Indicators and Statistics ENG ----
 Long version for consultation ENG ----
 Implementation guidelines ENG ----
 Metadata sheets ENG ----
5  Population and housing censuses beyond 2020 ENG FRERUS
5/Add.1  Summary of comments from the consultation on the document New frontiers for censuses beyond 2020 ENG ----
6  Intra-household decision-making ENG FRERUS
6/Add.1  Results of the consultation on Guidance for Measuring Intra-household Power and Decision-making ENG ----
 Long version for consultation ENG ----
7  Communicating gender statistics ENG FRERUS
7/Add.1  Summary of comments from the consultation on the Guidance on Communicating Gender Statistics ENG
8  Longitudinal data on migration ENG FRERUS
 Long version for consultation ENG ----
8/Add.1  Summary of comments from the consultation on the Guidance on the Use of Longitudinal Data for Migration ENG ----
9  Disaggregated poverty measurement ENG FRERUS
   Guide to Data Disaggregation revised after consultation ENG ----
9/Add.1  Results of the consultation on Poverty Measurement ENG ----
17/Add.1  Note about the review process of the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) ENG ----
17/Add.2  New version of GSIM (1.2) in a print friendly format ENG ----
 Coordination of international statistical work in the UNECE region
 Outcomes of in-depth reviews of the CES Bureau (UNECE) PPT
19  In-depth review on international migration and cross-border mobility (Mexico) - short version ENG FRERUS
 In-depth review on international migration and cross-border mobility (Mexico) - full version ENG ----
20  In-depth review on measuring well-being in the era of "digital society" (Canada) ENG FRERUS
21  In-depth review on the role of the statistical community in climate action (Steering Group on climate change-related statistics) - short version ENG FRERUS
21/Add.1  In-depth review on the role of the statistical community in climate action - updated full version ENG ----
 Programme of work of the Statistics subprogramme of UNECE
 UNECE Statistical programmes 2020 and 2021 PPT
13  The establishment of a Regional UN Coordination Group on Data and Statistics for Europe and Central Asia ENG ----
14  Implementation of the UNECE Statistical Programme in 2019 ENG FRERUS
15  Statistical Programme 2020 ENG FRERUS
16  Programme of work for the Statistics subprogramme for 2021 ENG FRERUS
16/Add.1  List of meetings from July 2020 to December 2021 ENG ----
 New roles for national statistical agencies and geospatial agencies in emerging national data ecosystems
Summary of contributed papers (UNECE) PPT
Mentimeter results PPT
New roles for geospatical agencies (UN-GGIM:Europe) PPT
What implications do emerging national data ecosystems have for statistical and geospatial agencies? (Canada) PPT
Modernizing INEGI's role through synergies between statistics and geospatial information (Mexico) PPT
10  Implementation of the new role of national statistical offices at the time of expanded possibilities (Estonia) ENG FRERUSPPT
11  Standards and initiatives relevant to the integration of statistical and geospatial information (UNECE) ENG ----
26  Realising the potential of geospatial and statistical data integration at the time of expanded possibilities (Poland) ENG FRERUS
27  Geo-enabling statistical production: from design phase to dissemination (Portugal) ENG FRERUS
28  Geographers and national statisticians in France: two decades of increasing synergies (France) ENG FRERUS
Background presentation - Integration of geospatial information and statististical data (Belarus)  PPT
 Data for the COVID-19 crisis in the context of 2030 Agenda
How official statistics and geospatial data can help to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, including supporting SDGs (UNECE)PPT
Data in the fight against COVID-19 (United Kingdom)PPT
Official statistics supporting government's efforts to manage the pandemic: INEGI's COVID-19 viewer (Mexico)PPT
 Data stewardship - next steps for National Statistical Offices in the changing world
Data stewardship - NSOs in the changing world (UNECE) PPT
 COVID-19 and the new role for NSIs - From Statistical Institute towards Datapartner for the government (Netherlands) PPT
29  Emerging data stewardship role of the Central Statistics Office of Ireland and its deployment in the COVID crisis ENG ----
The role of national statistical systems in the new data ecosystem - How COVID-19 impacted the transition of NSOs (Estonia) PPT
 Swiss Data Steward responsible for standardization and harmonization of data for nationwide public administration (Switzerland) PPT
 Business continuity of official statistics
 Presentations of United States, Romania, Eurostat and New Zealand PPT
 Impact of COVID-19 crisis on official statistics: business continuity of official statistics (OECD) ENG ----
30  Business continuity of Serbian statistics during the COVID-19 crisis (Serbia) ENG ----
32  Official statistics and the COVID-19 pandemic - the Albanian case ENG ----
31  Official statistics and the challenge of the current health crises (France) ENG ----
 TOPICS FOR INFORMATION (not discussed at CES due to shortened agenda)
 Statistics for Sustainable Development Goals
12  Progress report on the UNECE regional platform on statistics for Sustainable Development Goals ENG FRERUS
 Work of the High-level-Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics
17  Report of the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics ENG ----