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Joint OECD/UNECE Seminar on the Implementation of SEEA

21 - 22 February 2018



 Document Title
Provisional Programme PDF
Short report: decisions and recommendations for further work PDF
Concept Note PDF
Report PDF --
Session 1 - National SEEA implementation plans
Results of the survey to prepare Session 1  PPT
UNCEEA Communications strategy (UNSD) PPT
Insights from the Global assessment of Environmental-Economic accounting and supporting statistics (OECD) PPT
National SEEA implementation plans (UNSD) PPT
Session 2 - Guidelines for SEEA implementation and new ways to generate data
Resources for SEEA implementation PPT
Eurostat resources for SEEA implementation PPT
Policy applications of water accounts in Mexico PPT
Resources for SEEA-water implementation (UNSD) PPT
Country example from Mongolia - energy physical flow accounts and environmental taxes accounts PPT
Country example from Moldova - Experimental calculation of air emissions accounts

Session 3 - Coordination of capacity building activities
 UNCEEA Capacitiy building overview  PPT
 Environmental taxation (Germany) PPT
 2018 Work plan of the UNCEEA Working Group on Coordination
Session 4 - Policy applications of SEEA
Policy application of Material Flow Accounts (Netherlands)
SEEA experimental Ecosystem Accounts (Netherlands) PPT
Denmark's Green National Accounting Framework in support of SDGs PPT
United Kingdom - Policy applications of accounts for broad habitats and ecosystem accounts for urban areas  PPT
Introduction of SEEA methodology in Russian Federation  PPT
Experiences from SEEA Projects implemented in the Russian Federation at the national, local and municipal level PPT PPT
Australia - A practical strategy for promoting the application of the SEEA in policy contexts PPT
Policy applications of SEEA accounts in Costa Rica PPT
Session V - Conclusions and follow-up activities
Background documents
ENI SEIS II East project: Area of environmental assessment and accounting PDF PPT
Regional Cooperation for New Ecosystem Accounting Indicators in Africa PDF PPT
SEEA implemented activities and plans in Georgia PPT