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Work Session on Migration Statistics

10 - 12 September 2014

Chişinău, Republic of Moldova

Document Title
Information NotePDF- 
More information on visa to the Republic of Moldova (new from 1 August 2014)
Registration FormWord 
Flight and Hotel Confirmation FormWord
Logistics NotePDF
Final reportPDF
Item 1: Adoption of Agenda
Tentative Timetable PDFPDF
Item 2: Experiences with using data from the 2010 round of censuses for measuring migration
2Measuring international migration in the 2011 Census of England and Wales (United Kingdom)PDFPDFPDF
2/Add.1An historical perspective to migration in England and Wales (United Kingdom)PDF
3Evaluation of migration patterns in Turkey, according to the 2000-2011 Censuses Results (Turkey)PDFPDF
4Measuring International Migration through census 2014 in Tunisia: what improvements have been adopted?(Tunisia)PDFPPSX
5Study of migration using the results of the 2010 population census round in CIS countries: analysis of results (CISSTAT)PDFPDFPDF / PDF
6Migration in the Greater Zurich Region 1970-2010 (Switzerland)PDFPDFPDF
7The 2011 Italian experience towards supported-Census for measuring migration (Italy)PDFPDF
26Population and housing census from Republic of Moldova in 2014. Methodological aspects of recording migration (Republic of Moldova)PDFPDFPDF
Item 3: Emerging issues and methodologies for the measurement of migration
8Measuring cross border mobility and transnational lifestyle between Estonia and Finland with Mobile Positioning Datasets (Estonia)PDFPDF
9Test of an estimation method for annual migration flows between EU-EFTA countries (Eurostat)PDFPDFPDF
10Dual citizenship trends and their implication for the collection of migration statistics (UNECE)PDFPDFPDF
Item 4. Better utilization of administrative data sources to measure migration
11Use of administrative data sources to measure  migration in Russia (Moscow State University )PDFPDFPDF / PDF
12Issues of measuring international migration in Belarus (Belarus)PDFPDF
13Challenges in gaining access to and producing high quality statistics from administrative data (United Kingdom)PDFPDF
14New statistics on residence permits and acquisitions of citizenship: experiences of integration in Italy (Italy)PDF
15The use of additional administrative data sources: towards improving migration statistics in Slovenia (Slovenia)PDFPDF
16Estimation of the migratory phenomenon in Spain using information from the Municipal Population Register (Spain)PDFPDFPDF
17Improving quality of international migration outcomes by incorporating the micro-approach in managingcurrent demographic accounting (MIDEA) and statistical population registers (ANVIS) (Italy)PDFPDF
19Improving measurement  of migration process in the Republic of Tajikistan (Tajikistan)PDFPDFPDF
20Migration statistics in the Republic of Azerbaijan: data sources (Azerbaijan)PDFPDF
31Utilization of administrative data to measure international migration in the Republic of MoldovaPDF
Item 5: Measurement of “hard-to-count” migrant groups
21Developments in return migration statistics in Lithuania  (Lithuania)PDFPDFPDF
22Return Migration and Reintegration in Albania (Albania)PDFPDFPDF
23Migrant-specific use of the Labour Force Survey-Emigrants (Hungary)PDFPDF
24Measurement of emigration from Norway: the main issues and challenges (Norway)PDFPDF
25A Collective Attempt at Defining Circular Migration (Mexico)PDFPDFPDF
27Migration, Remittances, and Human Development Some preliminary results from the Central Asia Regional Study (UNDP-Istanbul)PDFPDF
Item 6: Migration behaviour, intention, and indicators of integration
28Final Report on the work of the UNECE Task Force on Measurement of the Socio-economic Conditions of Migrants (Canada)PDF
29Measuring the integration of the population with a migration background in Switzerland (Switzerland)PDF-PDF
30Similarities and differences between intentions and behaviour of immigrants (Netherlands)PDFPDF
Item 7: Future work
Proposal on Future Work--PDF