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HR Management and Training  (June 2013)

This publication includes 24 papers highlighting good practices in human resources management and training in statistical offices. The papers cover a range of issues from recruitment and retaining of qualified staff  ...
Human Resources and Training (December 2007)

Read more (1.3 MB) (2007) Proceedings of the Seminar Session of the 2006 Conference  ...
50 Years of the Conference of European Statisticians (December 2003)

Read more (2.8 MB) (2003)
Resources (December 2001)

 A Guide to the Websites of National and International Statistical Organizations (2001)  Best Practices in Designing Websites for Dissemination of Statistics (2001)  Recommendations on Formats Relevant to the Downloading of Statistical Data  ...
Information Systems Architecture for National and International Statistical Offices - Guidelines and Recommendations (December 1999)

Read more (1999)