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The Week is organized by the United Nations Regional Commissions and the World Health Organization (WHO), under the guidance of a Global Organizing Committee with representation from the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society, the Global Road Safety Partnership, La Prévention Routière Internationale, the Task Force for Child Survival and Development and the World Bank.

For further information, please contact your respective United Nations Regional Commission or WHO office:

UN Regional Commissions

Economic Commission for Africa:
Mr Joseph Atta-Mensah
Email: jattamensah@uneca.org

Economic Commission for Europe:
Ms Virginia Tanase
Email: virginia.tanase@unece.org

Mr Miroslav Jovanovic
Email: miroslav.jovanovic@unece.org

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean:
Mr Ricardo Sanchez
Email: ricardo.sanchez@cepal.org

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific:
Mr R Alexander Roehrl
Email: escap-ttd@un.org

Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia:
Mr Bassam Anani
Email: anani@un.org


Ms Laura Sminkey
Email: sminkeyl@who.int

Regional Office for Africa:
Dr Olive Kobusingye
Email: kobusingyeo@whoafr.org

Regional Office for the Americas:
Dr Eugenia Maria Silveira Rodrigues
Email: eugenia@bra.ops-oms.org

Regional Office for South-East Asia:
Dr Chamaiparn Santikarn
Email: santikarnc@searo.who.int

Regional Office for Europe:
Ms Francesca Racioppi
Email: frr@ecr.euro.who.int

Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean:
Dr Syed Jaffar Hussain
Email: hussains@emro.who.int

Regional Office for the Western Pacific:
Dr Hisashi Ogawa
Email: ogawah@wpro.who.int

WHO Regional Office for Europe - National Focal Points for Injury Prevention: www.euro.who.int/violenceinjury/network/20050311_2