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First UN Global Road Safety Week (23 - 29 April 2007)
  Press Releases  
23 April 2007 The First UN Global Road Safety Week starts with a World Youth Assembly in Geneva ECE/TRANS/07/P05
17 April 2007

Young Road Users in the UN Spotlight ECE/TRANS/07/P03 -English
ECE/TRANS/07/P03f -French
3 April 2007 “Road Safety is no Accident” A UN World Youth Assembly on Road Safety

ECE/TRANS/07/P02 -English
ECE/TRANS/07/P02f -French

  Statements and Speeches  
24 April 2007 Statement by the President of the United Nations General Assembly UNGA President Statement
23 April 2007  Statement by Mr. Marek Belka, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Delivered at the Opening Ceremony of the World Youth Assembly for Road Safety  ECE/TRANS/07/P04
23 April 2007 Statement by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon SG Statement
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