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UNECE-FIBA Road Safety Campaign 2010

The official launching of the UNECE-FIBA Road Safety Campaign took place on August 26 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The launch coincides with the Basketball World Championship 2010, which will be held in Turkey from 28 August to 12 September.
Press Release 26 August 2010 : UNECE and FIBA launch global road safety campaign during the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey
Press Release 8 September 2010 : UNECE/FIBA road safety campaign gains momentum as 2010 FIBA World Championship enters final rounds
Mr. Ján KUBIŠ speech PDF
Statement by His Excellency Mr. Oğuz Demiralp PDF
Statement by Mr. Andrey Vasilyev, Deputy Executive Secretary UNECE PDF
FIBA 2010 Declaration PDF
Photos and media
Launching the campaign, Press Conference, Geneva 26 August 2010

UNECE addresses FIBA World Congress, Istanbul 6 September 2010

FIBA-UNECE Press Conference, Istanbul 8 September 2010
José Calderón and Keren Tunçeri  

Major UNECE agreements on road safety PDF
Resolution 64/255 : Improving global road safety PDF