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The standards encourage high-quality production, improve profitability and protect consumer interests. UNECE standards are used internationally by Governments, producers, traders, importers, exporters and international organizations. They cover a wide spectrum of agricultural products: fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV), dry and dried produce (DDP), seed potatoes, meat, cut flowers, eggs and egg products. You can download the standards cost free from this website and use them free of charge.



Key areas of work

Fresh Fruit and
Vegetables (FFV)

Dry and Dried
Produce (DDP)



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In focus

Food outlook:  As governments restrict movement of goods and services across borders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, member States brace for a challenging season ahead. Following COVID-19 outbreak in more than 200 territories and countries around the globe and its impact on the world economy, countries will continue seeing a growing shortage of workforce as well as increasing transaction cost and distortions in the food supply chains globally. The UNECE Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards has been collecting information from government and industry sources in a dedicated Food outlook web page, to observe and help analyze the global pandemic’s impact on global supply chains in the coming months..