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We work to promote policy dialogue on various facets of demographic change across the UNECE region, with a particular focus on ageing.

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UNECE prepares Road Map for Mainstreaming Ageing in Kazakhstan

In comparison to most countries in the UNECE region, the population of Kazakhstan - similar to other countries in Central Asia - is still relatively young today with a share of persons aged 65 and older of about 7 per cent. As a result, questions of population ageing have not so far been a priority on the national policy agenda. To better respond to needs of older persons and prepare the country for the implications of demographic change, the Governement of Kazakhstan has requested UNECE to provide tailored advice for the development of a comprehensive policy approach on ageing.

The work on a new Road Map for Mainstreaming Ageing in Kazakhstan is now well underway. Invited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population, UNECE has undertaken preparatory research in Nur-Sultan, speaking with the key stakeholders on population ageing and the situation of older persons. Through the Road Maps, UNECE provides tailored guidance to member States, providing recommendations identifying concrete actions relevant to the economic, social, cultural and political specificities of the country.

Road Maps have also been prepared for Armenia, the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Belarus: https://www.unece.org/pau/age/capacity/welcome.html.