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Fertility and Family Survey (FFS)

Fertility and Family Surveys (FFS) were conducted in the 1990s in 23 member States of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The project concluded in 2000 with the FFS Flagship Conference. The micro-data of the surveys is available for research.

Micro-data access

Common programme documents


Programme documentsClick icon/link to open/download
  Introduction and Background PDF    
  Survey Design PDF    
  Standard National Files PDF
  Standard Tables PDF    
  Comparative Research PDF    
  Publications from the FFS programme PDF    
  Conferences and training PDF    
  Evaluation Report PDF    
FFS Model QuestionnaireClick icon/link to open/download
  FFS Questionnaire (women version) PDF    
  FFS Questionnaire and Codebook (13.83 MB) PDF ZIP  
  FFS Standard Recode Files and Standard Country Reports PDF ZIP  
Standard National Files
  Conditions for the release of the SRFs to the FFS database PDF    
Comparative Research
  List of comparative research until 2000 PDF    
  Publications from the participating countries until 2000 PDF    
  FFS Newsletters PDF