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Correspondence on specific compliance issues as a result of information provided to the Committee


ECE/IC/INFO/27/Serbia/Drmno mine

Previous information regarding the Committee initiative regarding the Kostolac thermal power plant


Summary of the case
The Committee initiated gathering of information on the extension of the capacity of the open-pit mine at Drmno, Serbia, close to the border with Romania, at its forty-third session (Geneva, 5-7 December 2018) further to information provided jointly by two NGOs, Bankwatch Romania and ClientEarth, dated 18 June 2018.

At its forty-fifth session the Committee had agreed that there was no need for it to continue the information-gathering procedure based on the information received from the Parties concerned – notably Serbia, as the Party of origin, and Romania, as the affected Party. Please see below the correspondence between the Committee and the Parties concerned, as an illustration of the Committee’s approach to information gathering.  




DateDocument Title
43rd session, 4 -7 December 2018
20 December 2018

Letter to Romania after IC43

20 December 2018Letter to Serbia after IC43
15 February 2019

Letter from Romania to the IC
Annex I 
Annex II

22 February 2019/ received 01.03.2019Letter from Serbia
44th session, 12-15 March 2019
09 April 2019Letter to Romania after IC 44
09 April 2019Letter to NGO after IC 44
45th session, 10 -13 September 2019
30 May 2019Letter from Romania 
9 October 2019Letter to Romania after IC 45
9 October 2019Letter to Serbia after IC 45
46th session, 10 -13 December 2019
14 January 2020Letter to NGO