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The UN/CEFACT Bureau collectively represents the community of, the members of and contributors to UN/CEFACT. It works on the development of the Centre and its recognition at the international level as the reference entity for global Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business.

UN/CEFACT Bureau 2018 - 2021

Name Function Email
Sue PROBERT Chair sue.probert AT dial.pipex.com
Harm Jan van BURG Vice Chair h.j.m.burg AT minfin.nl
Raffaele FANTETTI Vice Chair raffaele.fantetti AT mise.gov.it
Anders GRANGARD Vice Chair anders.grangard AT GS1.ORG
Estelle IGWE Vice Chair esthel278 AT yahoo.com
Tahseen A. KHAN Vice Chair takhan AT nic.in
Ian WATT Vice Chair iwatt AT aecitrade.com

For more information on the UN/CEFACT Bureau please contact:

Mr. Lance Thompson
Secretary to UN/CEFACT
Tel N°.: +41-22-917 1298
Fax N°.: +41-22-917 0629
e-mail: lance.thompson@un.org