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Partnering with other UN and International organizations

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Regional Commissions

The original mandate for creating the Centre came as a result of a UN Development Account Project on PPP Capacity Building involving UNESCAP, UNECE and UNECA. The final meeting of this project which took place at UNESCAP headquarters in Bangkok on 19 February 2009 agreed to set up such a Centre.

UNECE sees this initiative as a joint undertaking of all the UN Regional Commissions. The Centre of Excellence will provide the Regional Commissions with tools for infrastructure development such as PPP readiness assessments, advisory services for policymakers and PPP practitioners and provide access to best practice models and case studies through specialist centres in various sectors.

In December 2012 UNECE invited all Regional Commissions to share their ideas and suggestions regarding cooperation with the Centre and asked to nominate a focal point within each Commission to liaise with the Secretariat of the Centre of Excellence in UNECE.

Focal Points
Organization nameName and titleE-mail
ESCAPMr. Peter O’Neill, Chief of Transport Policy and Development Sectiononeillp[at]un.org
ESCWAMr. Abdallah Al Dardari, Director, Economic Development and Globalization Divisionaldardari[at]un.org
ECAMr. Kaleb Demeksa, Economic Affairs Officer, Governance and Public Administration Divisionkdemrksa[at]uneca.org
ECLAC to be nominated



Other Organizations

Other Organizations