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First session of the Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships

21 - 22 November 2017

Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Document symbolDocument titleENGFRERUS
Provisional Programmepdf
Information Noticepdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/1Provisional Agendapdfpdfpdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/3Review of the Terms of Reference of the Business Advisory Boardpdfpdfpdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/4UNECE Standard on a Zero Tolerance Approach to Corruption in PPP Procurementpdfpdfpdf
ECE/CECI/PPP/2016/2Report of the Team of Specialists on Public-Private Partnerships at its eighth sessionpdfpdfpdf
ECE/CECI/2016/6Proposal for a Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goalspdfpdfpdf
Conference Room Papers
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.1Draft Guiding Principles on People-first Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)pdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.2Promoting People-first Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for the Belt and Road Initiative and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goalspdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.3Draft Declaration on a Zero Tolerance to Corruption in People-first Public-Private Partnershipspdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.4Draft UNECE Standard on PPPs in Water Supply and Sanitation

ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.5Draft UNECE Standard on PPPs in Renewable Energypdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.6Draft UNECE Standard on PPPs in Roadspdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.7Draft UNECE Standard on PPPs in Railwayspdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.8Draft Guidelines for innovative approaches and new models for successful PPP project training and capacity buildingpdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.9Second UNECE International Forum on People-first PPPs for the Sustainable Development Goals reportpdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.10Implementation plan for 2017-2018pdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.11Revised List of topics for PPP standardspdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.12Women's empowerment in PPPspdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.13Official Development Assistance for the development of People-First Public-Private Partnerships pdf
ECE/CECI/WP/PPP/2017/CRP.14Draft guidelines on the implementation of transformative PPPs in support of the SDGspdf
Other documentation
INF.1Project Planning and Prioritizationpdf
INF.2Expert and consultancy advice in low income countries for drafting regulations and developing People first PPP projects meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
A major issue deserving innovative approaches
INF.3Concession for essential public services meeting the SDG’s in LDC’s and MIC’s (PfPPP)
Proposed list of clauses and guiding principles
Terms of Reference - Working Party on Public-Private Partnershipspdf
Compendium of Presentations by PPP Units and National Infrastructure Agenciespdf
Draft Declaration by national PPP Units and infrastructure agencies in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)pdf
Concept Note - On the Creation of an International Association of PPP Unitspdf
Concept Note - ICoE and need for the Specialist Centres work together in support of Recovery and Resilience in Puerto Rico and other placespdf

Session I: Mobilising the Member States’ PPP Units behind the UN SDGs

Brasil: Public-Private Partnerships in Bahia

Priscila Romano Pinheiro, Government of Bahia


Germany: Partnerschaft Deutschland and Sustainable Infrastructure Procurement in Germany

Stéphane Beemelmans, Managing Director at Partnerschaft Deutschland



Rose-Lourdes Elysee, Central Management Unit for Public-Private Partnerships (UCGPPP), Ministry of Economy and Finance



Paweł Szaciłło, Director of Department for Public-Private Partnership, Ministry of Economic Development


Ukraine: Strategies and Projects contributing to the UN Sustainable Developments Goals

Mikhail Titarchuk, Deputy Minister, Ministry of economic development and trade


A Network of PPP Units and Infrastructure Agencies. A proposal for a collective initiative

Ziad Hayek, High Council for Privatization and PPP, Lebanon


Session III: Special session on PPPs in Resilience: working in support of recovery and resilience in Puerto Rico and other regions hit by natural disasters

Adopting a Framework for UNECE ICoE in PPP Specialist Centres to Enable Disaster Recovery and Resilience, David Dodd


Item 5. Review of the PPP work since the eighth and final session of the Team of Specialists on PPPs on 20-21 October 2016

Consultative meetings of the Business Advisory Board (BAB), policy advisory missions and capacity building activities


Item 6. Implementation plan for 2017-2018


Italy: Public Private Partnerships in Italy - Legislative and Regulatory Framework: Recent Reforms

Gabriele Pasquini, Head of Secretariat, PPP and Public Infrastructure Regulation Unit

Paolo Piacenza, PPP/PF Expert, PPP and Public Infrastructure Regulation Unit


Mali: Relever le défi de l’énergie et des infrastructures en Afrique

Issa Hassimi Diallo, Coordinator, Unité du Partenariat Public-Privé