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UNECE International Forum on people-first PPPs for the Sustainable Development Goals

9 - 11 May 2017

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

A three-day forum hosted by the UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence for Public Transport Logistics showcasing projects and approaches to people first Public-Private Partnerships, and how we work as one UN to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Document symbolDocument titleENG
Dossier of Draft PPP Standardspdf
Case Studiespdf
Case Studies
- Compendium of all selected case studiespdf
- Ukraine: Port of Kherson (video) by Andrey Sokolovmp4
Seeking the best PPP projects for the OBOR initiative
- Reconstruction of road M10 by Alena Dadzerkina, Belaruspdf
- Inland Water Transport Corridor E40 by Igor Severine, Belarus pdf
The Hong Kong Experience
- MTR’s Experiences in PPP for Railway Projects by Jacob Kam, Managing Director – Operations & Mainland Business, Hong Kongpdf
- City Roads PPP Project in Jurong City of Jiangsu by Banting Sze Wai Pan, Chinapdf
Waste to Energy
- How to make an impact in cities that welcome refugees? by Charlotte Griffiths, UNECEpdf
- Waste in refugee camps by R.Guicciardipdf
- How to solve waste to energy by Richard Ornitzpdf
- Waste to Energy-Developing countries. How to promote garbage power generationpdf
- Development of Domestic Waste Incineration to Promote Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction by Xu Haiyun, China Urban Construction Research Institutepdf
Smart Cities
- Shenzhen New-Type Smart City Design Concept and Practice by Qiuxia Liang, Chinapdf
- Towards Smarter and More Sustainable Cities Worldwide By Ivonne Higuero, UNECEpdf
- City Sustainable Development Strategies and SDGs by Iryna Zapatrina, Ukrainepdf
- Smart City Vision: an opportunity for urban transformation by Josep-Ramón Ferrer, Spainpdf
- The operation mode of PPP projects by Ma Hong, Chinapdf
Urban Rail
- Sustainable Development of PPP in Beijing by Wilson Shao, General Manager, Beijing MTR Corporation Limitedpdf
- Assigning Public Sector Responsibilities to create enabling environments by Euan Low, Asia Pac Infrastructure Advisory Services Director Mott MacDonaldpdf
- Urban Rail Transit: Impact on National and Regional Economies: An Indian Perspective by Naresh Bana, Indiapdf
- Urban rail for all - Adopt PPP to achieve sustainable and inclusive Urban Rail development in China by Hongye Fan, Chairman Assistant of China Metropdf
UNECECityU of Hong Kong

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