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Ministerial Conference on Ageing: A Sustainable Society for All Ages: Realizing the potential of living longer

21 - 22 September 2017

Lisbon, Portugal


The UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 21 to 22 September 2017.

The conference completes the third review and appraisal cycle (2012-2017) of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and its Regional Implementation Strategy (MIPAA/RIS). The focus is on ‘Realizing the potential of living longer’. Conference panels will address this theme through the lens of:

1)    Recognizing the potential of older persons
2)    Encouraging longer working life and ability to work
3)    Ageing with dignity

The Ministerial Conference on Ageing is organized by UNECE in cooperation with the Government of Portugal, under the coordination of the Ministry of Labour, Solidarity, and Social Security.

A civil society forum and a research forum will precede the Ministerial Conference on 20 September 2017.

Read a message by José António Vieira da Silva, Minister of Labour, Solidarity, and Social Security on the conference website


Background (FRE) - (RUS)

In 1982, the First World Assembly on Ageing took place in Vienna (Austria). Twenty years later, in April 2002, the Second World Assembly adopted the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA), a global normative frame for responding to the opportunities and challenges of population ageing. The same year in September, the UNECE member States took a step further and at the Berlin Conference endorsed the Regional Implementation Strategy (RIS) for the MIPAA that included a set of measures and actions grouped under ten commitments.

At the onset of the MIPAA, it was agreed to carry out a review and appraisal of its implementation every five years at both regional and global levels. In 2007, the UNECE Ministerial Conference in Ln (Spain) concluded the review and appraisal of the first five-year cycle of the MIPAA/RIS and in its Ministerial Declaration re-endorsed the ten commitments of the RIS.

In 2012, the UNECE Ministerial Conference in Vienna completed the second review and appraisal exercise at the regional level. The Vienna Ministerial Declaration with its four goals endorsed the concept of active ageing. The third review and appraisal exercise commenced in 2016 with countries preparing their national reports and will be completed with the UNECE Ministerial Conference in September 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.


Calendar of preparatory events

7-8 May 2015 Seventh meeting of the Bureau of the Working Group on Ageing/Preparatory Committee, Gdańsk (Poland)
1 June 2015 Country report guidelines provided to the national focal points on ageing by the UNECE secretariat
19-20 November 2015 Eighth meeting of the Working Group on Ageing/Preparatory Committee, Geneva: agreement on the theme of the Ministerial Conference
19-20 May 2016 Eighth meeting of the Bureau of the Working Group on Ageing/Preparatory Committee, Oslo (Norway): Declaration drafting group and Ministerial Conference concept group
July 2016 Portugal informs about the decision to host the Ministerial Conference
31 Octobre 2016 Deadline for delivering national reports to the UNECE secretariat
21-22 November 2016 Ninth meeting of the Working Group on Ageing/Preparatory Committee, Geneva
19-20 January 2017 Preparatory meeting of the organizers of the Conference
March/May 2017 Drafting of the regional synthesis report on implementation of MIPAA/RIS since 2012
January/April 2017 Drafting process of the Ministerial Declaration
3-4 April 2017 Ninth meeting of the Bureau of the Working Group on Ageing/Preparatory Committee, Vienna/Austria
May/August 2017 Formal consultation process on the Ministerial Declaration
July 2017 Distribution of the background paper(s) in English, French, Portuguese and Russian
20 September 2017 Civil Society and Research forums
21-22 September 2017 Ministerial Conference, Lisbon




Provisional Programme (PDF)

The first day of the Conference wil be dedicated to the presentation of the synthesis report on the MIPAA/RIS implementation since 2012 and three panel discussions:

(1) Recognizing the potential of older persons,

(2) Encouraging longer working life and ability to work, and

(3) Ensuring ageing with dignity.

On the second day, Ministers of the UNECE member States will gather for the high-level segment round-table discussions, at the end of which a Ministerial Declaration will be adopted.


Предварительная программа (PDF)

Первый день Конференции будет посвящен презентации сводного доклада по выполнению РСО/ММПДПС за период с 2012 г. и обсуждению в трех группах экспертов:

(1) Признание потенциала пожилых людей

(2) Содействие более долгой трудовой жизни и способности работать

(3) Обеспечение достойного старения.

Во второй день министры государств — членов ЕЭК ООН соберутся для участия в обсуждениях за круглым столом на высоком уровне, по итогам которых будет принято заявление министров.


Programme provisoire (PDF)

Le premier jour de la Conférence sera consacré à la présentation du rapport de synthèse sur la mise en oeuvre du Plan international d'action de Madrid sur le vieillissement (MIPAA) et de sa Stratégie Régionale d'Exécution depuis 2012, et à trois réunions-débats d'experts:

(1) Profiter des perspectives offertes par les personnes âgées,

(2) Promouvoir l'allongement de la vie professionnelle et l'aptitude au travail,

(3) Vieillir dans la dignité.

Le deuxième jour, les ministres des Etats Membres de la CEE se réuniront pour des tables rondes de haut niveau, au terme desquelles une déclaration ministérielle sera adoptée.


Poster exhibition on good practices in implementing MIPAA/RIS



The UNECE Ministerial Conference A sustainable society for all ages: realizing the potential of living longer will provide a forum to showcase good practice examples and innovative approaches in implementing the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and its Regional Implementation Strategy (MIPAA/RIS) in UNECE member States. A poster exhibition will provide a space for additional information about selected good practices. We invite member States as well as NGOs and scientists participating in the Ministerial Conference to submit their good practice examples until 30 May 2017. The conference organizers will select the best submissions for the exhibit. After the review of submissions applicants will be informed by 30 June 2017 whether or not their proposal can be accommodated. The posters will be displayed in the conference venue.


Projects must relate to any of the ten commitment areas of MIPAA/RIS. To reflect developments during the period covered by the third review and appraisal of MIPAA/RIS, projects must have taken place during 2012-2017. They must have started implementation and should have generated first visible results.


Please provide the following information:

  • Photo of the project
  • Project Title
  • Short outline of the main objectives,  deliverables and (expected) results of the project (maximum 3500 characters)
  • Location of the project
  • Timeline/duration of the project
  • Contact information, website
  • How does the project contribute to realizing the potential of living longer?
  • Lessons learnt
  • Relevance for the UNECE region

Deadline for submissions: 30 May 2017

Call for poster proposals (PDF)

Poster Template (PPT)


To register online, please use one of the following links according to your affiliation.

The registration form is available in English and Portuguese (click on the flag to choose the language).

Official Delegations, International Organisations and Invited Experts



Please note that the deadline for registration is 15 August 2017

We do not charge any fees for participation in the Ministerial Conference