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Forest, land and housing

The objective of the UNECE technical cooperation is to strengthen national capacity for the sustainable management of forests, land and housing in the UNECE region in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and related Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, technical cooperation focuses on strengthening the capacity of UNECE member States for evidence-based policy formulation and implementation in the areas of sustainable forest management, housing, urban planning and administration. The subprogramme is aimed at assisting member States in: (a) collecting data and information; (b) developing and applying new monitoring and assessment methods and processes in support of sustainable forest management; (c) developing policies for sustainable housing, real estate markets and urban development, and land administration and management; and (d) implementing the Geneva Charter on Sustainable Housing at the country level. 

These objectives are achieved through the following strategy: 

  • Results-oriented assessment of national monitoring systems and related analytical tools in the forests, land and housing sectors (for example, the development at the national level of the criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management or land administration reviews) and policies and programmes (for example, through housing country profiles); 
  • Organizing and conducting seminars and workshops to assist countries in developing appropriate monitoring systems and management policies in the forest, land and housing sectors; 
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge, best practices and national experiences (for example, through networks of experts); 
  • Developing training materials to support the development of monitoring tools and strategies and the implementation of policies for sustainable forest, land and housing management; 
  • Conducting the training of officers and trainers at the national and subregional levels (the train-the-trainers approach); 
  • Providing policy advice on the sustainable management of forests, land and housing to policymakers, experts and other key stakeholders in the region. 


For more information, please contact the focal points:

Forests – Roman Michalak, roman.michalak@un.org

Housing – Gulnara Roll, gulnara.roll@un.org



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