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Programme Planning and Reporting

Strategic Framework

The Strategic Framework is the principal policy directive of UNECE. Its objectives and strategies are derived from the policy orientations and goals set by the intergovernmental organs. The Strategic Framework translates Member States’ priorities as set out in legislation adopted by the General Assembly, ECOSOC and UNECE intergovernmental bodies into subprogrammes (substantive areas of work) financed from the regular budget and extrabudgetary resources. The Strategic Framework covers a period of two consecutive calendar years and serves as the basis for programme planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.


Programme Budget

The Programme Budget details the resources required by UNECE to achieve the objectives approved by Member States in the Strategic Framework. It also links the logical frameworks of UNECE subprogrammes, contained in the Strategic Framework, with resources and specific outputs to be delivered by the secretariat. UNECE activities are programmed through three regular budget sections: Section 20, Section 23 (Regular Programme on Technical Cooperation) and Section 35 (UN Development Account). 


2018-2019 biennium

UN Development Account (Section 35) 

 2016-2017 biennium

 • Programme Budget 2016-2017(Section 20)


Programme Performance Reporting

The Programme Performance Report (PPR) provides an overview of the results achieved, lessons learned, and obstacles to implementation. 

The PPR is reviewed by the Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC), the main subsidiary organ of ECOSOC and the UN General Assembly responsible for programme planning and coordination. UNECE’s results are included as a chapter of the Secretary-General’s Programme Performance Report.