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Evaluation and Audit


Evaluation is defined as a systematic and discrete process, as objective as possible, to determine the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and/or sustainability of any element of a programme’s performance in relation to their objectives. 

The objective of evaluation is to enable the Secretariat and member States to engage in systematic reflection with a view to increasing the effectiveness of the programmes by altering their content and, if necessary, reviewing their objectives.

Evaluation in UNECE is designed to:

Improve programme performance
Promote organisational learning
Support accountability.

The UNECE Evaluation Policy was approved by EXCOM in October 2014. It provides the overall framework for evaluation including the organizational policy and procedures.in UNECE . UNECE is a member of the United Nations Evaluation Group and is committed to the guiding principles of the Norms and Standards for Evaluation in the United Nations System

Through the 2014 General Assembly resolution A/RES/69/237, member States agree that evaluation is an important component of development processes, and recognize evaluation as a country level tool that can help strengthen and support development results. Resolution 72/303 of July 2018 stresses the indispensable roles of external and internal oversight mechanisms, carried out through regular audit reviews and the issuance of pertinent recommendations, and that the full and timely implementation of the recommendations of oversight bodies. 


Evaluation Process

UNECE prepares a biennial evaluation plan which is approved by the Executive Committee. 

Biennial Evaluation Plan 2020-21 

Quality assurance takes place throughout the planning, implementation and follow-up of evaluations and is checked against UNEG standards. 

Evaluation Capacity 

UNECE engages independent external evaluators to conduct programme and project evaluations. The UNECE Roster of Evaluation Consultants has been established to identify evaluation experts to conduct evaluations. Rostered candidates have experience in at least one of ECE's substantive work areas.

Potential evaluators are encouraged to apply to the Roster by creating a profile here.

Evaluation Reports

Annual Reports on Evaluation 

UNECE reports on the key results of evaluations annually to the Executive Committee. The reports summarize key evaluations, plans and  recommendations for future action. 


All UNECE evaluation reports, management responses and progress reports published after 1 October 2014 are posted below. 

Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Link Management ResponseProgress Report
March 2017Review of UNECE efforts to promote cross-sectoral collaboration and an integrated approach to sustainable development workToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

April 2016

OIOS Evaluation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Inception Paper


Management Response

Progress Report

25 Feb 2015Review of the Role of Information and Communication in Promoting the Visibility of the Work of the ECEToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report 

Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Link Management ResponseProgress Report
January 2019

Strengthening Industrial Safety in Central Asia through the Implementation of and Accession to the UNECE Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents

ToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
December 2018Strengthening cooperation on water quality management in Central AsiaToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
December 2018Strengthening cooperation on hydrology and environment between Tajikistan and Afghanistan in the upper Amu Darya River basin (Pyanj River)ToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
September 2018Implementation of the National Water and Health Targets in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan through National Policy DialogueToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
September 2018Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Chu and Talas River BasinsToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
November 2017Strengthening Governments’ and water operators’ capacity ensure equity of access to water and sanitation in countries with economies in transition in the Economic Commission for Europe region, with a particular focus on small-scale water supplies and sanitation in rural areasToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

July 2016

Review of UNECE activities under the Espoo Convention and its Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)ToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
February 2017 Capacity-building for cooperation on dam safety in Central Asia Phase 3ToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Link Management ResponseProgress Report
July 2018Strengthening the national road safety management capacities of selected developing countries and countries with economies in transitionToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
July 2018ITC support to governments in climate change mitigation: lessons from the use of ForFITS tool that links policy choices and CO2 emission scenarios for inland transportToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

 July 2016

Evaluation of the global and regional impact of UN regulations and United Nations Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (2005-2014)ToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
Nov. 2016Strengthening the capacities of developing countries and countries with economies in transition to facilitate legitimate border crossing, regional cooperation and integrationToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Management ResponseProgress Report
2019Strengthening national capacity in the most vulnerable UNECE countries for the sustainable development of statisticsToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
March 2017OIOS Thematic evaluation of the regional commissionsToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
27 February 2017Project on the preparation for the 2020 round of population censuses and the production of better migration data in CIS countries, Implemented from 2013 to 2015ToRReportManagement responseProgress Report

Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Link Management ResponseProgress Report
October 2018Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Initiative: PPP toolkit and International PPP Centre of ExcellenceToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
15 October 2017Development and implementation of public-private partnerships international standards in support of SDGsToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
15 October 2017Competitiveness, innovative policies and public-private partnerships: Capacity building for civil servants and business associationsToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
November 2016Evaluation of the UNECE project "Capacity Development to support the implementation of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in BelarusToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Link Management ResponseProgress Report
2018Gas CenterToRReport Management ResponseProgress Report
October 2017Review of the case studies of the application of best practice guidance for coal mine methane managementToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

13 Nov.

UNDA project 1213AB - Promoting Energy Efficiency Investments for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable DevelopmentToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

 Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Link Management ResponseProgress Report
January 2019Removing regulatory and procedural barriers to trade in Belarus, Kazakhstan and KyrgyzstanToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
March 2018Strengthening national capacities of the CIS countries to implement ECE agricultural quality standardsToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
November 2017Strengthening the capacity of transition and developing economies to participate in cross-border agricultural food supply chainsToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Link Management ResponseProgress Report
August 2016Assessment of the relevance of the 2014-2017 UNECE/FAO Integrated Programme of Work to the needs of member States and challenges in the forest sectorToRReportManagement ReponseProgress Report
July 2016UNDA Project 12/13AW - Sustainable Forest Management for Greener Economies in the Caucasus and Central AsiaToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

Issue Date  Evaluation Title Terms of Reference (ToR) Report Link Management ResponseProgress Report
November 2017Strengthening national capacities for sustainable housing in selected countries with economies in transitionToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report

August  2016

Role of UNECE Country Profiles on housing and land management and related follow-up activities in development of national housing legislation and programmesToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
2016External evaluation of the UNECE-European Union project Active Ageing Index II - Further Development and DisseminationToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report


 All audit reports conducted of UN Secretariat departments can be found on the OIOS Internal Audit website.  Audit reports related to ECE and produced after May 2014 are provided below.


Title of the audit
Terms of Reference (ToR)ReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
Audit of the management of trust funds at the Economic Commission for EuropeToRReport Management ResponseProgress Report 
Audit of selected subprogrammes and related technical cooperation projects in the Economic Commission for EuropeToRReportManagement ResponseProgress Report
Audit of selected projects in the Sustainable Energy Division of the Economic Commission for EuropeReport   Progress report