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UNECE signs MoU with the World Coal Association

Published: 19 January 2017

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the World Coal Association (WCA) signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that formalizes their long-term collaboration. Through this MoU, UNECE and WCA will work to facilitate a dialogue between governments and the coal industry, with the aim to increase the awareness of the role of coal in the global energy mix and in providing access to affordable and reliable energy for all.

UNECE Executive Secretary Christian Friis Bach emphasized: “Coal will continue to be part of the global energy supply for the foreseeable future. Therefore, clean coal technologies are critical to achieve the goals in the Paris Climate Agreement including high efficiency-low emissions technologies, methane management, carbon capture and storage and identifying the most efficient coal resources. UNECE looks forward to working with the World Coal Association to achieve this.”

WCA Chief Executive Benjamin Sporton stressed that “WCA will work closely with UNECE to demonstrate the role of coal in achieving universal energy access and combatting climate change. By keeping coal in the energy mix and supporting technology that reduces emissions, we’ll be making energy affordable and accessible to all.”

UNECE and WCA will work together through UNECE's Committee on Sustainable Energy and its subsidiary bodies, the Groups of Experts on Coal Mine Methane and on Cleaner Electricity Production from Fossil Fuels. WCA will also assist in disseminating information on the United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources 2009 (UNFC) and its application to solid minerals.

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