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UNECE signs an agreement to strengthen support to Ukraine through United Nations Partnership Framework

Published: 01 December 2017

UNECE and the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Ukraine have signed an agreement with the government to further strengthen support to the country through the United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPF) for 2018–2022. The document was signed on 30 November 2017 by the First vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mr. Stepan Kubiv and the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Ukraine, Mr. Neal Walker on behalf of the United Nations Country Team.

With its strong focus on the people of Ukraine, the UNPF consolidates the efforts of UN agencies and partners to address structural issues of poverty, inequality and vulnerability in the country and aims to build stronger coherence between humanitarian, recovery and development programmes to achieve maximum impact towards strategic priorities.

Guided by the core United Nations programming principles of human rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment, sustainability and resilience, and accountability, the UNCT will provide support in four core areas:

1. Sustainable economic growth, environment and employment;

2. Equitable access to quality and inclusive services and social protection;

3. Democratic governance, rule of law and civic participation;

4. Human security, social cohesion and recovery with a particular focus on Eastern Ukraine.

During the next five years, UNECE will provide technical assistance to Ukraine across a range of areas, contributing to the following UNFP outcomes:

  • By 2022, all women and men, especially young people, equally benefit from an enabling environment that includes labour market, access to decent jobs and economic opportunities;
  • By 2022, national institutions, private business and communities implement gender-responsive policies and practices to achieve sustainable management of natural resources, preservation of ecosystems, mitigation, and adaptation to climate change and generation of green jobs.

UNECE will work with Ukraine to support the country’s sustainable economic development. This will include strengthening national trade facilitation frameworks and single window, increasing policy coherence and sustainability of national production and consumption patterns, and providing support for sustainable housing and urban development.

UNECE will further support Ukraine in enhancing policies and the institutional framework to increase energy security, improve energy efficiency, increase the share of renewable energy as part of the transition towards sustainable energy systems, contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.

In the area of environmental policy, UNECE will continue to support transboundary cooperation and integrated water resource management in the Dniester River Basin under the Water Convention, and will undertake the third Environmental Performance Review of Ukraine. UNECE will also continue supporting the Government of Ukraine on implementation of the multilateral environmental agreements and protocols through its technical assistance programmes.

Note to editors

About the United Nations Partnership Framework

The United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPF) is a strategic document that describes the collective response of the UN system to national development priorities. For more information, please visit: https://undg.org/programme/undg-guidance-on-programing/

Full-scale implementation of the 2018-2022 UNPF will require an estimated total of USD 667 million. 

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