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Highlighting the value of the TIR Convention for global customs transit

While customs transit procedures do not get extensive media attention, they are the cornerstone of efficient global supply chains and, ultimately, allow international trade. Acknowledging the need to improve customs transit worldwide, the World Customs Organization organized a global Conference on Transit at their Brussels headquarters on 10-11 July 2017. At the conference, UNECE showcased a variety of legal instruments developed under the auspices of the Inland Transport Committee, and in particular the TIR Convention, which remains, after almost 6 decades of existence, the only truly global customs transit system.

Over the last 3 years, Pakistan, China and India, home to almost 40 % of the world population, have acceded to the TIR Convention. This significant change in the geographical scope of the TIR Convention provides an additional incentive for other countries around the globe to join the TIR system to complement any regional initiatives to facilitate transit.  Taking advantage of the large participation at the global transit conference, UNECE and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) jointly organized a side event and booth, allowing interested countries to learn about all the benefits of the TIR system for customs administrations as well as the transport sector. UNECE also took part in the side event organized by UN-OHRLLS on "the importance of efficient transit cooperation for the achievement of the SDGs by the landlocked developing countries.

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