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Rethinking sustainable urban transport and mobility

The policy segment opening the 77th session of the Inland Transport Committee (ITC), which will be held from 24 to 26 February, will be dedicated to “Rethinking sustainable urban transport and mobility to meet the challenges of a new era”.

Statistics show that in the European Union 80 per cent of the citizens live in urban areas and 40 per cent live in large urban areas of over 200,000 residents.  As a result of the global rise of a middle class, cities are growing all over the world leading to an increased demand for both freight and personal mobility within urban areas. The ownership and use of private vehicles is rapidly increasing, and in developing and transition economies the size of fleets is forecasted to double or even triple in the next twenty years. As a result, one in three road fatalities occur in cities. Not surprisingly, congestion problems, too, are mostly concentrated in and around cities.

The common challenge for all major cities is how to reconcile demand for freight and passenger mobility, while reducing congestion, traffic accidents and environmental impact. This is what will be examined by the ITC, which is the only permanent body in the United Nations that focuses on inland transport, in its policy segment. How do cities develop sustainable urban transport models which allow for safe, environmentally friendly and affordable transportation?  Presentations and discussions will highlight issues and best practices throughout the UNECE region. 

The 77th ITC session will also focus on a number of key issues of global interest such as increasing global road safety, addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation within the transport sector, and facilitating global trade and growth through the transport sector.

For more information, please visit: http://www.unece.org/trans/events/2015/itc77_policy_segment.html