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UN Regional Commissions launch second Global Survey on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade Implementation

The second Global Survey on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade Implementation will be carried out until the end of March 2017. It is jointly conducted by the United Nations Regional Commissions (UNRCs) - ECA, UNECE, ECLAC, ESCAP and ESCWA.

Building on the success of the first Global Survey of 2015, the second Global Survey aims to collect relevant data and information on trade facilitation and paperless trade implementation from their respective Member States. The results of this initiative are expected to provide useful information to support the implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement as well as emerging global and regional initiatives on paperless trade and e-trade, such as the new Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-Border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific. It will put emphasis on measures of particular importance to SMEs and the agricultural sector.

The Survey will lead to the production of a Global Report and five Regional Reports, which aim at providing insightful information for policy makers to harness trade as a key means of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Partnership was key to the success for the first Global Survey, and will be further strengthened for the second Global Survey. Interested UN Organizations, other relevant regional and sub-regional organizations, industry associations, academia, research institutes and other stakeholders, are very welcome to join the initiative.

Detailed information on the survey is available at:  https://www.unece.org/tradewelcome/outreach-and-support-for-trade-facilitation/joint-unrcs-approach-to-trade-facilitation.html


Maria Ceccarelli, Maria.Ceccarelli@unece.org  and Maria-Teresa Pisani, Maria-Teresa.Pisani@unece.org