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Building and renovation solutions to meet 21st Century climate change, affordability, energy and sustainability criteria, the launch webinar

23 November 2020

Building on the success of previous events in Rome, Geneva, Vancouver and Brussels, the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Sustainable Forest Products held a webinar on the use of forest products in construction on Monday, November 23rd, 14:00-18:00 central European time (UTC+1).

The main purpose of this event was to grow the awareness and raise the profile of forest-based products as they relate to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Although its core is to some extent construction-related, reflecting the current prevalent use of wood in construction, building with wood was by no means be the only theme. Other innovative applications were also identified. Thus this event attracted a wide array of professionals including: citizens, planners, legislators, wholesalers, retailers, academics, researchers, building owners and developers; architects and engineers; developers; estimators; quantity surveyors; valuers; housing associations; banks; investors; insurers; building contractors; regulatory bodies and the forest-based industries (firms and associations).

View a recording of the event here


Video time
Agenda category

Climate change


Opportunities in construction and repair markets


Exploring policy options to increase the use of forest products in construction and RMI


Skills, sustainability and the road forward


Webinar closing remarks


The webinar announcement is available here and you can get more information by contacting the Team Leader or Secretary.