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Expert Forum on Climate change-related statistics

3 - 4 October 2019



Document Title
 Concept Note PDF PDF
 Provisional Programme ENG RUS
 Report of the 2018 Expert Forum ENG -
 Report of the 2019 Expert Forum ENG -
Session 1. Opening and setting the scene
Paris Agreement reporting requirements (UNFCCC) ENG
Impacts of climate change on biodiversity (University of Rome / Global Mammal Assessment) ENG
Session 2. Measuring climate change adaptation and hazardous events and disasters
The Disaster-related statistics framework - from concept to production (ESCAP) ENG
Climate Change Adaptation - Statistical challenges (Netherlands) ENG
Update work of the European Environment Agency (EEA) on adaptation and monitoring reporting and evaluation (MRE) indicators (EEA and EIONET) ENG
Review of the hazard terminology and classification (UNDRR/ISC) ENG
Climate change adaptation in Germany (German Environment Agency) ENG
Disaster indicators and geospatial sources in Mexico (Mexico) ENG
Session 3. Set of climate change-related statistics and indicators
Change-related Statistics and Indicators and open questions (Luxembourg) ENG
Set of climate change-related indicators - Introduction (Italy) ENG
Climate change-related indicators and System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (Sweden) ENG
Identifying fossil fuel subsidies for SDG reporting (Sweden) ENG
Session 4. Role of statistical community in climate action
Official statistics for climate change-related information requirements (UNFCCC) ENG
Report on the State of the Environment in France  ENG
Session 5. Conclusions and recommendations