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Group of experts on Business Registers

30 September - 2 October 2019


Document TitleDocumentsPresentations

Session 1: Use of administrative data sources for statistical business registers

Using Administrative Data to improve data quality in the ABS Business Register (Australia)ENGENG
Register of statistical units in UkraineENG, RUSENG
Use of legal entity register data to SBR (Mongolia)ENG
Use of administrative data sources for SBR in GeorgiaENG
Turkish Business Registers SystemENGENG
Room document: Enhancement the cooperation with administrative data holders (Morocco)ENG

Session 2: Use of big data and other new data sources for statistical business registers

Open data sources for retrieving information on Multinational Enterprise Groups (Eurostat)ENGENG
New data sources and outputs of the Business Register in JapanENGENG
Challenges and Opportunities in Aggregating Business Register Information from Multiple Sources (ECB)ENGENG

Session 3: Different uses of statistical business registers

Strengthening the EuroGroups Register – for better usage and usefulness (Eurostat)ENGENG
Meeting the needs of structural business statistics. Experiences from the Italian SBRENGENG
Integrated System for Activity Code Management (Portugal)ENG

Special Session on Country Progress Reports

Summary of the outcome of the Country Progress Reports 2018ENG

Session 4: The role of the statistical business register in the modernisation and integration of statistical production

Classification of financial holdings in the SBR (Netherlands)ENGENG
Quality evaluation of Business Register with ASPIRE (Sweden)ENGENG
Statistical Business Register of the Republic of KazakhstanENG, RUS

Session 5: Web portals for business respondents

Data collection for surveys; a metadata driven approach (France)FREENG
The new role of the SBR within the Italian Business Portal (Italy)ENGENG
Web portals in Statistics DenmarkENG
Web portals for acquiring SBR data (Canada)ENG

Session 6: Production of business demography and entrepreneurship statistics by use of the statistical business register

The production of business demography statistics in AustriaENG
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Business Register (United States)ENG
Business statistics – Meeting user demand for more granular insights (OECD)ENG
Using business cycle indicators as a leading indicators for business demography (Italy)ENG
Progress of work of the UNCEBTS
Committee of Experts on Business and Trade Statistics (UNSD)


Progress Report of the Task Team on Business Dynamics, Demography and Entrepreneurship (Mexico)ENG
Task Team Exhaustive Business Registers. Progress of work (Netherlands)ENG
Task Team on Capacity Building. Statistical Business Register (Palestine)ENG

Session 7: Statistical business registers and globalisation

Integration of European data about globalization into the national SBR (France)ENGENG
Profile of Manufacturing Exports Enterprises in MexicoENGENG
Improving the measurement of MNE groups' activities: new findings from European Profiling (Eurostat)ENGENG
The role of the statistical business register for capturing globalization (Germany)ENGENG
Profiling and more – from the perspective of a small country (Slovenia)ENGENG
The central role of business registers in the coordination and governance of statistical activities to better measure MNEs (Eurostat)ENGENG

Special Session for EECCA and SEE countries

Quality markers of the Swiss Business Register (Switzerland)ENG, RUS
The statistical definition and measurement of the informal sector (ILO)ENG
 Requirements for the SBR to produce business demography and entrepreneurship statistics (Norbert Rainer)ENG, RUS